Robust Reasons Why ASP.Net Core is the Best Framework for Web App Development



Here is a question for you.

Are you planning to develop a web app for your business and find the right technology that is scalable and reliable? 

Well, then your search ends here.

For constantly evolving technology one framework that has always stood strong is the ASP.Net Core framework. It is a robust and flexible platform that takes away all your worries about what would happen in the future if you grow or plan to add more advanced features.

ASP.Net has got you all covered. 

First, let’s have a little brief about the framework, and then we will see what makes it the best of the rest.  

ASP.Net Core – Overview

There is no second thought that ASP.Net is the best web app development framework. It is fast, compatible, and modular. If you are planning to develop a website on a modern cloud platform, the ASP.Net framework should be on top of your list.

You might have doubts about why to choose this framework over other options like Ruby on Rails or PHP. 

To prove our thoughts, we have listed a few reasons that explain why ASP.Net Core is the best framework for web application development.

1. Open Source Network

ASP.Net Core has open-source code which is one of the foremost reasons for its popularity. The code is available on GitHub for anyone to review, modify, or contribute. Apart from that, it has a huge community to support seamless and fast app development.

Even bug fixes and improvements are released fast at regular intervals. Thus, all these flexibilities attract developers to choose ASP.Net Core over other technologies.

 You can also add libraries, components, etc. as per your project requirement. Moreover, whenever there is a version update, you don’t have to upgrade the entire framework. Thus, it is time-saving as well.

2. Supports Multiple Platforms

Even though the framework is built to run on the Windows platform only, the applications developed using it can be used on other platforms like Linux and macOS.

Using Visual Studio IDE, developers can build web apps on any OS of their preference to collaborate on projects. Its independent packaging and installation make it cross-platform compatible. You can also reuse the code after app building regardless of the OS or platform.

3. Superior Performance

Developers assure the excellent performance of web applications built with ASP.Net because the code built is flexible, scalable, easy to maintain, and reusable. Thus, it is best for long-run goals as it is able to handle any ambiguity in the future.

It supports automation code optimization which improves the performance of the code. All these benefits are not just for developers, but the application developed with the help of all these features is reliable and affordable. There are studies that suggest ASP.Net is one of the fastest and most robust web frameworks.

4. Simple to Use

 A lot of frameworks offer functionalities that are too complex to implement. Developers end up not using it much due to its complex nature. However, ASP.Net Core is quite simple to use in that regard. Functionalities like client authentication, form submissions, site configurations, etc. are hassle-free to use. 

It uses MVC architecture that makes custom web app development and APIs easy to develop and test. Thus, development, testing, and debugging become easy for developers on this framework.

Moreover, the built-in configuration data doesn’t require complicated processes to register components. Hence, it is easy to deploy applications.

5. Razor Pages

Razor codes magnify productivity as it organises the backend code of web pages in the rear and develops an unbroken connection with other web pages. Hence, this reduces the complications while debugging as developers can identify the error-causing functions easily. 

They can develop each page differently with different configurations, colours, animations, and data processing methods. It fulfils all the aspects of web pages and controls them to achieve desired results on web pages.

6. Multiple Development Tools

ASP.Net is available on development tools like Jetbrains, Resharper, and various others to build and test a variety of applications. Moreover, it comes with MS Visual Studio to develop advanced applications. It comes with advanced features like debugging, profiling, code completion, unit testing, GIT integration, and more. 

The Visual Studio Community edition is free. So, developers can easily code web apps in basic text files and leverage a text editor of their choice.

7. No Need for Server-Side Language

ASP.NET Core doesn’t require server-side code on the conventional web hosting environment, like Apache or Nginx, because it runs on the.NET Framework. Without additional setup or effort, you can install development frameworks like Python, NodeJS, and Ruby on Rails. 

Then create web applications using these languages along with ASP.NET Core apps. This makes it the perfect option for developers and companies who wish to produce a variety of unique apps on various platforms using various development methodologies.

8. Affordability

ASP.Net Core is the best platform to provide SLAs at lower costs to clients. Customers have the liberty to choose the cloud service provider to host the application. They can choose affordable options available in the market. Thus, in the end, the overall cost-effectiveness of web development is maintained.

You can Hire ASP .Net Developers who can help you achieve your goals. Hiring experienced developers is beneficial as they can easily understand your requirements and deliver the expected results. Dot net has a large community of developers always ready to help fellow companions. 

 Final Thought

The above reasons are enough to explain why ASP.Net Core is the best framework to choose. If you wish to continue with this thought you might want to hire experienced developers who can make the best use of all the functionalities this framework has to offer. 

If you find a developer who has experience in the same kind of industries as yours, it would be easier for you to explain your requirements and for them to understand yours. You can hire dot net developers who can help you fulfil your dreams. 

As dot net is one of the preferred choices of developers, you can easily find developers from India, Ukraine, Poland, etc. You would find experienced developers at affordable rates. 

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