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Motive Financial is high security! It’s always been that way. After all Motive Financial has millions of customers. And they are 100% committed to ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied with the services they buy. So why do Motive Financial (and Canadian Western Bank) do a thorough check on your credit history, but still gave that your credit history is merely a vanity measure anyway?

There are two main reasons why Motive Financial Review does what it does. Firstly, it does this because it wants to ensure that it is investing in properties and savings accounts that are absolutely risk free. By putting your trust in Motive Financial it is very much possible that your investment plan will go haywire at some point. However, given that Motive Financial is Canada’s largest lender, even if one of their house loans goes haywire, the other bank will still be relatively unaffected as the two have an interdependent relationship.

So what does this all mean to you? If you are an American, then you probably have the greatest chance of having your house loan application approved since Motive Financial Review follows the OACPA (Ontario Home Buyers’ Plan). What does this mean exactly? Motive Financial Review makes use of their exclusive OACPA exclusivity criteria when screening houses for approval. Basically this means that if you have an OACPA number, or an equivalent international banking identification number, then you automatically have an unlimited transactions and interest-free savings plus account.

Now, what does all this mean for you as a Canadian investor? Motive Financial Review wants to get you into high interest savings accounts, and high interest investing accounts. The two accounts are extremely interrelated and will benefit you greatly when combined with one another.

As I said, Motive Financial Review targeted banks that have exclusive access to the OACPA. By accessing the OACPA website, you are able to see which banks in Canada have access to which high interest rates. The results are displayed on a single page. Here, you can quickly see the list of banks with the highest interest rates available to you. This can save you considerable time and effort.

So what can you do with this information? Well, Motive Financial Review has created a virtual bank to help investors with the same criteria as the OACPA site allows. This bank is a simple to use site that lets you compare current interest rates from various online banks, as well as a monthly and direct deposit option.

This online bank eliminates the need to jump through hoops in order to identify the best online banks. For example, with the OACPA, you have to contact your personal banking service in order to identify the best banking options. This takes time and inconvenience. But with this virtual bank, you can quickly identify the best options for you simply by navigating to the virtual bank’s home page.

Motive Financial Review goes a step further by allowing its subscribers to check whether their online banking transactions are fee free or not. Non-registered accounts may be subject to an extra fee when being processed through the online bank, since these transactions tend to incur an administrative fee. The fee chequing accounts do not incur any additional charges when being processed through the online bank.

In addition to fees, there are a few other costs that can be avoided. In particular, the fees associated with transferring savings accounts between multiple institutions are very high. Motive Financial Review provides a list of the fees that it includes in its bank accounts. You should ensure that you are aware of the costs of all transactions that you make. This way, you will avoid them when you make future transfers.

Motive Financial Review highlights the pros of using e-commerce to save on costs associated with online banks. With unlimited transactions, you can make unlimited money transfers at zero cost to you. Moreover, you can also benefit from lower commission fees, because many online banks offer competitive saving account interest rates. You can get information on all these pros by visiting the website of Motive Financial Review. Thus, this helps you compare the pros and cons of saving on fees and interest rates, among other details.

When you choose an online bank, you should look for the best options available. The choice factors should include free transactions, minimum balance, account availability and customer service. If you are searching for a cost-effective way to transfer money, check out Motive Financial Review. It offers free transaction alerts, free account opening and a free trial for new customers. Thus, you can get a good idea about the minimum balance requirements, transaction fees and other charges, before you sign up with any online bank.

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