Is Blogging Only For Money?

Learn if blogging is only done to make money. When looking at the articles about blogging, the common theme appears to be making money from blogging. AdSense and how we can make money from blogs are always mentioned by the authors. Is blogging solely for the purpose of making money? Is that how blogs got started? Is it possible that we’ve lost our way?

Everyone has the ability to express themselves on the Internet through a blog. We have the impression that we are sharing our deepest thoughts with other people on the planet. Blogging is bringing the world closer together than it has ever been before. In some cases, writing a blog can be an effective therapy for releasing anger, frustration, and other negative emotions that could otherwise harm one’s mental health. Blogging was never intended to be a way for people to make money on the internet.

Consider the scenario in which the majority of blogs attempt to aggregate content from various sources in the hopes that their ad will be clicked. Isn’t that a waste of valuable time? Will such blogs have any impact on the Internet? Who is going to read such blogs? Why should someone who is busy building a money-making blog go to other blogs?

A blog can contribute to a feisty debate. A blog can be a great way to meet new people and converse. A blog is an excellent way for aspiring artists to showcase their work to the rest of the world. Let us not create blogs solely for the purpose of making money.

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