How To Buy Expired Domain Names That Have A Huge Flow Of Existing & Targeted Traffic

Learn How To Buy Expired Domain Names That Have A Huge Flow Of Existing & Targeted Traffic. Have you heard of this relatively unknown traffic evasion technique? Many niche marketing experts have used it to generate small, quick profits whenever they enter a new niche.

It only takes a few minutes to turn on instant targeted traffic to your site using this strategy.

The only expense is the $10 or so required to register a domain.

The strategy entails purchasing expired domain names that have a steady stream of traffic. The amount of traffic could range from ten to ten thousand unique visitors per day, and this article will teach you the fundamentals of buying expired domains, as well as some of the issues that may arise, and the simple business models that you can use to profit from this lucrative opportunity right now.

The Free Traffic Loophole with Expired Domains

I’m a sucker for loopholes. Buying expired domain names is exactly that – a huge traffic loophole. It works because a domain has been built up over time and a combination of time, money, and know-how has been invested in it. As a result, it receives a significant amount of traffic.

However, that domain has now expired for whatever reason. Where there was once a thriving website bringing in revenue from a variety of sources, it no longer exists. It’s up for grabs to the first person who sees it for what it is: a potential goldmine.

Some of the most valuable expired domains receive a massive influx of traffic on a daily basis. This is due to the domain having hundreds, if not thousands, of backlinks and a high search engine ranking. Some are in the Yahoo and DMOZ directories.

This means that if you can isolate domain names with a lot of incoming traffic, you’ve just bought a potential online business for a few dollars (the cost of a domain name). Then, using a combination of contextual advertising, affiliate links, and other methods, you can quickly put together a simple model to start profiting from this burgeoning traffic. You could also find expired domains that are related to your current sites and products and redirect traffic to your current business model right away. Expired domains can be used in a variety of ways to achieve positive outcomes.

What Causes Domain Names to Expire?

There are a variety of reasons why domain names are sometimes abandoned. Here are a few examples of what I mean:

People progress. They seek out other business opportunities and pursue them.

The company that registered and used the domain is no longer in business.
How Do Domain Names Become Expired? (And How Long You Have To Wait Before Snapping Them Up)

Most people don’t realize that domain expiration isn’t as simple as they think. On the expiration date, a domain does not simply disappear from the previous owner’s hands. Instead, after this date, a domain name enters a 40-day static period during which the original owner can still re-register it. After this period, the domain enters a new phase (which lasts another 35 days) during which the owner can still re-register it (for a significantly higher fee than before). After this time period has passed, the general public will be able to purchase these expired domains.

How To Start Generating Immediate Profits From Expired Domain Profits Using Simple Business Models

It’s fairly simple to start generating an income from a domain that has an incoming stream of profit.

Simply redirect traffic to an existing profitable model if you already have one (assuming it is within the same niche).

If you’ve chosen a brand-new domain name, here’s a simple way to make money with it:

Make some content about the domain name’s topic. It is sufficient to have one to five pages of content, but it must be extremely useful to the reader.

Find some targeted affiliate programs, such as those offered by Commission Junction or Clickbank, and enter your affiliate links with care.

Add your Adsense codes – to maximize your Adsense earnings, make sure you’re using the maximum number of ad units (3) and that your ads match the page’s and text content’s look and feel.

Create an opt-in form to capture your visitors’ email addresses. Your goal should be to convert as much targeted traffic as possible into opt-in subscribers, so you can approach them with additional back-end offers (this is where the real money lies).

So there you have it: a simple method for purchasing expired domain names with existing traffic flows, as well as a simple business model for maximizing profits from that traffic.

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