How to Optimize Your WordPress Site for Streaming

WordPress Live Streaming offers great benefits to your online business. It is easy and fun way of promoting your product or service using your WordPress site. But there are also some risks associated with this powerful marketing technique. Your WordPress stream video goes live instantly in real time. There’s no scope for reworking or editing your material before your audience watches it.

So, always be prepared beforehand about what to broadcast and what not to broadcast. WordPress live streaming works only when the publisher of the site has subscribed for a blog feed or RSS feed. It works by loading a page on the server and then broadcasted on the internet using a web browser. The page has to load completely so that viewers can see it. If the page does not open properly they can switch to another web browser. This can be a real issue if the person who is live-streaming has a bad connection.

One of the advantages of WordPress streaming is the advantage of real-time viewing. A viewer will not miss anything if he/she switch on the web browser quickly. This has made WordPress the most popular blogging system among all the other blogging systems. Every blogger wants to build a strong fan-base and through streaming their content can reach out to more people and have a higher chance of building a huge fan base. Also, the built-in search facility makes it really simple for any blogger to search for any topic.

The WordPress team provides several plugins to help you stream your live event. All the streams run smoothly with minimum technical support required and they are free. However, before you start to broadcast any live event remember these few important points:

If you want to stream something then use WordPress Streaming with multiple sources. The streams do not work well if they are only using single source of audio/video. It would take hours to stream just one source. Moreover, if you are running multiple sources then you need to use some special plug-ins to make them work properly.

The best way to support multiple streams is by using the Download Demoget Hosting plugin. The Download Demoget Hosting plugin makes it possible for a single website to support multiple sources for streaming. In other words, if the video source loads slow and another source plays fast then it will be possible for users of the WordPress Live Streaming theme to switch between the two websites. This way the user will not face any problem while viewing the live event.

If you want your Live Streaming theme to run on its own dedicated server then disable the Use AdSense program in your WordPress settings. This is because the plugin will use the advertisements on the left pane to generate income. If you want to remove these ads then you should go to Appearance and disable the Use AdSense program option from the Settings tab. The last thing that you should do is to add a code at the bottom right corner of your screen. This code will allow WordPress to start automatically updating the plugins and the theme after loading.

To help you improve your WordPress streaming experience then try to use the WP Video Addon. The Wp Video Addon is a simple plugin which allows you to convert any of your standard of video files into streaming wp its files. There are many different plugins available on the WordPress site but this plugin is also very useful for those who want to convert their videos to streaming wp vhs format. You can use the code to add your own titles or subtitles or you can use the standard movie style movie marquee format. It’s as easy as one, two, three!

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