How to get a website for free in South Africa

Learn How to get a website for free in South Africa without paying anything at all. You can get a website for free in South Africa by designing one yourself without coding with any of the platforms listed below.

The hardest part is choosing which platform you should use to design your website, with a bag full of goodies to choose from.

free website building sites come with hosting and a sub-domain name if you design a free website. Just like any other website, your site will be online and visible. Let’s say you choose WordPress, then something like will be your website address.

How to get a website for free in South Africa

Each platform will help you design your site, but one platform may be preferred over the others. Give all of them a try. They’re free!

It is easy to upgrade with a couple of clicks once your website is complete and you want to go professional. A monthly fee for the service is charged on most platforms. Your website address will change from to once you upgrade.

Free website building tools in South Africa

  1. – WordPress is regarded as today’s most powerful and popular platform. Tomorrow this could change, but WordPress is on top until then. In the USA, even the White House uses WordPress for its website. For bloggers, WordPress started out in the late ’90s and is completely free to use with tons of tutorials. Approximately 25 per cent of the websites out there today make up the platform. You will have your website up and running in no time.
  2. – In the web design portals game, Wix is a fairly new player. Thanks to marketing by supermodel Karlie Kloss, it is hugely popular. The idea is that if a website can be created by a “dumb model,” then it must be simple. And that’s it. So head on over to Wix and get your free website signed up.
  3. – Weebly is a hosting company with its own tools for website creation. The software focuses heavily on online shopping, so give Weebly a try if you are trying to build an online store. It is also considered to be relatively simple to use.


Having free websites created by these free builders can limit you from monetizing your content and getting more traffic. If you need a professional custom made website, then hire me.

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