Earn money online in South Africa

Learn how to earn money online in South Africa. You can earn money online in South Africa with affiliate marketing. Here is a list of high paying affiliate programs in South Africa. Affiliate marketing from your website, blog and email list is an easy-to-use and free way of earning money in South Africa. It includes putting ads on your website or blog for other businesses. Or submit newsletters from your email address with affiliate ads on them.

The affiliate ads will be seen by visitors to your website or blog. If a visitor clicks on something to add or buy, you will receive a commission for the referral.

How does Affiliate Marketing work in South Africa?

Advertisers in South Africa are typically large corporations who want their goods or services to be advertised. Banner advertising and text links are provided by them. In exchange for a commission, website owners and bloggers show the ads on their websites.

You, as the owner of the website, register as a publisher or affiliate. A unique referral connection and the code you want to insert on your website, blog or email will be given. In most cases, copying and pasting the code where you want it to appear on your website or blog is all you need to do.

The business in which you are registered will have a control panel where all your earnings can be seen. You could earn a reasonable amount of money every month, depending on how famous your website or blog is in South Africa.

Does affiliate marketing work in South Africa?

Affiliate marketing is popular in other countries and people make thousands of dollars per month with affiliate marketing. When it comes to South Africa, it takes more time, but it means you have fewer competitors. Not all affiliate programs allow the involvement of South African citizens.

For this reason, I have compiled a very detailed list of affiliate networks and affiliate programs here in South Africa that are open for South African citizens.

Earn money online in South Africa

You will be getting paid directly by EFT by certain networks, or post a cheque to your mailbox or pay into a PayPal account. Typically, you have a preference for how you would like to be paid from your affiliate earnings.

Affiliate Networks in South Africa

Some firms in South Africa handle their own promotions for affiliates, while others hand it over to affiliate networks to manage on their behalf.

You will be able to select from several different affiliate services when you register with an affiliate network, such as life insurance firms, florists, online shops, etc.

The following list helps residents of South Africa to participate and receive a commission.

List of affiliate networks in South Africa

  • OfferForge
  • Affiliate South Africa
  • AdMarula
  • Share-a-Sale
  • GainRock
  • Magenet
  • Affiliate Network
  • Commission Junction
  • Avangate Network
  • ClickBank


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