How to get started with affiliate marketing in South Africa

Learn How to get started with affiliate marketing in South Africa now. Now that you know what affiliate marketing in South Africa is, it is time to get started and make money online in South Africa with affiliate marketing.

How to get started with affiliate marketing in South Africa

Tools needed for Affiliate marketing in South Africa:

  1. An Email marketing platform – You need a proper email address if you intend to advertise in a newsletter or send out marketing emails. A specialist email address is best. You would need to register a domain name and buy hosting for this. An email address such as is more trustworthy and more likely to gain the trust of your readers than a Gmail account.
  2. A blog or a website – You will again need to register a domain name and obtain hosting if you want to do affiliate marketing with a blog or website in South Africa. Furthermore, you’re going to need a web designer or you can design it yourself. There are free websites and blog channels at your disposal. When you select a website like Wix, your domain name would look like We recommend competent hosting and assistance for the purpose of developing a brand and trust in your readers. 
  3. Content for your blog – When it comes to SEO, content is King, so you can place affiliate links in your posts. Finding the correct audience by content is the hardest aspect of affiliate marketing. If you have no idea what content is or how to do it, we suggest reading what content is and why it is relevant and tips for writing content on the website. There is no point in your entire plan without relevant content. Nobody wants to visit a website that consists only of commercials. Visitors are there to learn about a topic and to see the ads next to it. Reviews or posts may be written about items, hobbies, collectables, programs, tips to share, short stories, etc.


Things will be sluggish in the beginning. This is not an operation that is get-rich-quick. Tell yourself how many times you have clicked on ads or ordered something online. Not too often? Be realistic about your ambitions and continue to focus on developing your marketing skills.

Then ask friends to forward your information to their friends if you are focused on newsletters and email marketing. Your brand name and the items you represent will continue to spread in this way.

For weeks, you will not have any guests. This is primarily because the website or blog is indexed by search engines, including Google.

To get visitors to your blog or website, you can also use Facebook, Twitter and such.

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