How to download any forex file for free

I share my direct custom forex tools download links for free to my email list and Telegram channel subscribers. So you might want to join my platforms to keep on receiving free stuff that may help you on your trading journey.

How to download paid items for free

If you are new, you might not be able to download some of my stuff on my online shop for free. You can support me by actually paying for them to download. If you cannot afford them or not worthy your money, well, you can actually do something that is going cost you only about 3 minutes of your time.

You simply have to follow me on my social media platforms and you get to receive a 100% off coupon code that you can use to download anything from shop for free. and you can unfollow me at any time. But once you unfollow, you are going to miss out some give aways in future.

Step 1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel

I post some forex strategies that can help you for free. Remember to also turn on all notifications by clicking on the bell icon, and then clicking on all notifications.

Step 2. Join my Telegram channel and group

In my Telegram channel, I post new links of my new articles and videos and anything of high value. In my Telegram Group, that is where you can get to interact with thousands of other traders from all over the world. 80% of them are Boom and Crash traders. Also remember not to fall for scams such as account managers, fake tools sellers and so on. And remember not to post links and forwards and selling stuff and account management. You will be banned without warning if found breaking any of these rules

step 3. Follow me on Instagram

I have decided to dedicate my main Instagram account for forex trading memes only. A good laugh per day is needed. You can as well say hi or share any of your memes.

Step 4. Join my free email list

This is the last and final step and important one. when you subscribe to my email list, you will have to verify your email if you would like to keep on receiving email notifications. From there you will receive an email having a “100% off coupon code” that you can use to download anything from my shop for free.

What’s next?

Well, nothing, remember you can unsubscribe or unfollow me at any time you feel like, no hard feelings.

10 thoughts on “How to download any forex file for free”

  1. hello Kingsley an Odireleng Please let me go through everything i downloaded and see if i can get something. i will get back to you soon

  2. hie,i want to start on trading and i dont have any knowledge on this line of business.kindly supply me with the necessary information to kick-start my journey in the trading business.thank you

  3. I have done everything requested of me here for the free download coupon but I can’t find the link in the mail sent to me.pls send the link for the coupon for free download as promised


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