Email Sequences – Create Your Own Email Sequence Using Convert Kit (Review)

This ConvertKit Review was written for the subscribers who are interested to get the information about the new product convert kit. The Convert Kit is a series of emails which offer an automation of subscriber list management. It enables you to automate the sequence of emails that should be sent by your subscribers as well as the sequence of follow up emails. With the help of this kit you will be able to grow your list of subscribers.

In the beginning, the idea of the system was to have an autoresponder sequence to follow up emails. Then it was found that some of the subscribers were not interested in such email sequences. This resulted in the discontinuation of such series. But, ConvertKit was introduced and started to work its magic. The end result is that you will be able to convert more number of subscribers, but with a much lower bounce rate.

With the help of the convertkit you will be able to create an autoresponder sequence as well as a mailchimp campaign. There are several tools which can be used in order to convert emails into different formats, like html, text format and so on. You can also use the same software for the purpose of sending out really easy broadcasts to your subscribers. They are very useful for those people who are sending out periodic newsletters. In fact you can do all these functions by the help of one single software.

It is really easy to manage multiple mailing lists using the help of mailchimp and convertkit. Mailchimp allows you to easily add, modify and remove your subscribers and groups. This tool is available free of cost. And with the help of the convertkit you can easily set up an autoresponder sequence, and can automate all sorts of operations.

Convert Kit provides the viewer with a user interface which is very simple and easy to operate. If you want to import subscribers from a database or a list using the convert kit interface, then there is no need to be concerned about any sort of complexity. All kinds of formats are supported by the software. In fact you can even customize the dashboard, by adding and editing the emails. Once you have made changes to the emails, then you can send the same by just inserting the new email address in the appropriate place in the dashboard.

Apart from this it is also possible to track the open rates of your subscribers. The open rates are an indication of the number of times a particular email has been opened by the subscriber. This is very helpful in finding out the reason behind a certain decline in sales. When you are tracking open rates, you can easily know which are the emails that are opening faster than others. If you are interested in sending emails only to certain groups then you can configure the group to receive your emails. Convert kit can help you increase the open rates of your emails and hence will help you save a lot of time and money as well.

This is the first part of the Convert Kit Review. When you create a first visual automation of the product or service, then you can easily test the Landing Page. The landing page is a simple web page with few tabs and fields where you can store the email sequence that you create. This enables you to test the email sequence of multiple subscribers without having to create a second website or a blog for the same. If you have to create another website just to track the performance of the first visual automation then you will end up in wasting a lot of time and money.

There is a very simple way to customise the content and information on the page. You can add a ‘customise’ option right after you create your first template. Once you choose a ‘customise’ option then you can add the different content and information that you want to be shown on your landing page. Convert Kit is an excellent email automation builder which allows you to personalise your templates and create the email sequence of your choice.

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