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The Convertri Complete Review is intended to be an objective evaluation of Convertri, a leading Internet Marketing Company. It is my sincere belief that Convertri provides unique opportunities and benefits for those who are seeking to earn an income online. Through this review I hope to provide insight into what separates Convertri from similar companies, as well as compare it to its competitors.

Firstly, let me introduce my name, which is Michael J. Fox. Convertri is my affiliate product, which helps to create automated income streams through funnelytics (aka “filters”). This system generates a profit by selling products in different niches, with one unified sales funnel. Two other similar Internet marketing companies like Funnel Income, and Commission Junction offer funnel systems, however they fail to address problems that cause income to fail in the long term.

Most of these companies like Funnel Income, Commission Junction and Funnel Influence are based on email marketing campaigns. These methods generate a lot of traffic, but it is very difficult to convert this traffic into leads and sales. Converting traffic from “qualified leads” to “sales leads” is the lifeblood of any Internet company. Fortunately Convertri has an interesting approach to this problem. Its founders were telecom experts and they were able to successfully reverse engineer the technology used by other companies like Verizon and AT&T to create a “custom funnel”.

Let me break down the technology behind “custom funnel” into its various components: Email protected server, cloud apps, mobile apps and registration forms. This entire process is completely automated so you don’t need any special technical skills. Once the customer has provided their first email, they will receive emails from each of the cloud apps they have signed up for as well as from their registered email list. They will also receive text and voice messages from your company if they have chosen any of the apps you have chosen to promote from the Funnel Income or Commission Junction pages.

All of the above mentioned components work together to help a consumer to find what they are looking for. The final component is: follow-up. Each of the email protected servers will send an automatic SMS to the designated mobile phone number letting them know the things they just read. With the Funnel Income and Commission Junction apps, all the customers will receive similar messages promoting the same products from each of the apps that they signed up for.

When I was doing my Convertri Complete Review, I was confused by the term “all-in-one marketing solutions”. While I understand how all of these components are related, I am still a bit confused why Convertri is not sold as part of a bigger package. There is no way that a company like Convertri could come with all of these components including an email protected server and cloud apps. If I were to purchase Convertri for my company’s marketing needs, it would be extremely difficult to replace all of my existing email marketing programs at the same time as adding more functionality to each one.

My second concern with Convertri was that it did not offer any additional functionality like Groovefunnels. While Groovefunnels does offer some neat features, such as being able to choose between multiple lead capture forms, the customer capture form is not included in the standard bundle. In fact, the only additional feature that Convertri offers is the ability to export leads to Microsoft Excel. This feature does make Groovefunnels a worthy competitor, but it is not the complete all-in-one software solution that I was hoping for. Fortunately, I have since been provided with additional software that allows me to import my leads directly into the Grow Labs personal finance manager which I already use for managing my personal finances.

All in all, Convertri is a solid software program that offers my clients some nice functionality for a very reasonable price. It is important to look at reviews from both professionals and consumers alike when trying to determine whether or not this software can help you in your business. While there are many positive things about Convertri, there are also quite a few negative things to report about. Consumers need to be aware of these before purchasing such a complex software system, especially if they are already considering another software solution for their company.

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