ConvertBox Review – An In Depth Look At ConvertBox’s CRM Integration

ConvertBox is among the very best lead generation and popup building software available on the market. Many marketers make use of ConvertBox to create killer lead capture pages that convert instantly and effortlessly into full-fledged websites with WordPress. However, what makes ConvertBox stand out from the rest is its ability to convert into both HTML and PDF with no technical knowledge required. This is a huge advantage that will save you countless man hours in the long run. ConvertBox review will show you why it’s so much better than all the other lead generation software around, and why you ought to get this program in a HOOR of a life time deal before it converts from current life pricing to monthly recurring. That’s right; ConvertBox can convert your ordinary website into a highly responsive WordPress site that will convert automatically with no help from you whatsoever.

How does ConvertBox work? The basic idea behind ConvertBox is to provide you with a fully customizable web form with which to capture visitors’ names and email addresses. A few easy steps later, you can set up an opt-in form for visitors to complete before they are sent on their way. In just a few seconds, you have an autoresponder ready to send out messages on auto-pilot.

Another neat trick ConvertBox uses is the inclusion of targeted keyword optimization right inside the program. As you can imagine, if you want to drive quality traffic to your website, you need visitors who are genuinely looking for what you’re offering. However, using common search terms that most internet users use to search for information can lower your conversion rates. Using convert box plug-ins such as hot target converts allows you to target specific keywords that you know your target visitors will be using to search for information about your niche.

Another great feature of ConvertBox is that it comes bundled with a full-featured CRM solution. If you are tired of getting better customer service from your current business, you should seriously consider converting your prospects into loyal customers by offering them the chance to subscribe to your list in return for a monthly fee. With subscription to a list, you can instantly contact your list of leads any time you like. ConvertBox offers lifetime pricing on these forms so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank in order to make your business more profitable.

In a nutshell, ConvertBox works as a formatter for WordPress sites. All you have to do is add the code required by your plugin and you’re done. With this in hand, you can get your list from WordPress and use its built-in plug-in features to automatically email your leads using a custom message based on your lead’s demographics. By doing this, you’ll be able to create a database of leads that are highly responsive to your sales pitch and increase your conversion rates without having to spend a fortune on traditional advertising.

One of the things I found most interesting about ConvertBox was how well it integrates with Google Analytics and other web analytics tools. One of the features I really liked was its Google Analytics plug-in. The plug-in enables you to run reports on any page including your own site. You can analyze all of your site’s visitors, page views, bounce rate, etc…and get detailed information that will give you a comprehensive idea of your conversion rate. This information will show you what content is attracting the most attention from your readers, which keywords are working best to convert those visitors into clients, and what conversion you need to focus on to improve your sales.

Another great thing about the ConvertBox plug-in is its targeting capabilities. Unlike many other software applications, the ConvertBox package allows you to select targeted traffic from a broad spectrum of sources. For example, if you want to target only internet users who are interested in the real estate industry, you can specify that term during installation. This will ensure that only buyers and sellers will be exposed to your offers. It also works with a custom URL to make sure that prospects will always have easy access to your offer.

The ConvertBox package has a deeper integration with the leading CRM programs like Microsoft Dynamics GP, Salesforce, and Oracle. With the ctas, you can create, modify, and view your CRM data from your web browser. You can even import and export all of your customer and client data with ease. That deep integration with CRM makes ConvertBox an excellent choice for any business looking to get better insights on their customers and prospects.

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