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Top 9 Best Ahrefs Alternatives for Marketers, SEOs, and bloggers. Ahrefs overview (all in one SEO tool set) Ahrefs is a powerful all in one SEO toolset with all the necessary resources to help you rank better and drive more visitors to your website. This powerful tool is loaded with the following primary tools. The eight core components of an effective SEO campaign are: * Search Engine Optimization * Keyword Research * Back Linking * Content Marketing * Web CEO * Social Media Marketing * Social Bookmarking * Article Marketing * Video Marketing * Affiliate Management The full capabilities of Ahrefs enable you to reach top search engine rankings quickly and easily. With over twenty-four million listings across the web, you can be sure that Ahrefs will bring you results.

SEO Tools.

Among the tools included in the set of best Ahrefs alternatives, the most versatile and frequently used are the SEO keyword research tools. The Advanced Keyword Research Tool analyzes the most popular keywords on Google and other search engines and then provides data on how many times those keywords appear on Google. This allows you to target specific keywords and generate articles, blog posts, links, press releases, tags, and more to target those keywords. Additionally, the Advanced Keyword Analysis Tool lets you know that meta tags are important, how much traffic each class brings, and the competition level of each.

Keyword Research.

The all in one SEO tool that Ahrefs provides is also among its best alternatives. It compares several popular keyword searches and determines which one has the most searches and how much traffic it receives. It then provides data on how much money advertisers are willing to pay for those keywords. Among its three main competitors, Wordtracker and Overture rank very well against the top three best alternatives.


Among the other tools in the set of best Ahrefs alternatives, Serpstat compares the backlinks from each page. In addition to providing a backlink analysis, it also provides information on the page rank of pages with high-quality backlinks. It doesn’t compare the backlinks of the pages in your website but compares the backlinks on each page within your site. Like the other two SEO tools, Serpstat also ranks highly.

All-In-One Tool.

The all-in-One SEO tool from areas includes detailed information about page content, title, meta tags, keywords, backlinks, and more. Its advanced keyword research tools compare keywords within the database to see what keywords are being targeted. This is the best SEO tool you can use for your site audits and buckling analysis.

Advanced Searchmetrics.

The all-encompassing competitive analysis from searchmetrics features detailed reports on competitor backlinking patterns. Unlike most SEO tools like Google AdWords and Overture, Google SEO Metrics allows you to drill down and view individual campaigns for each keyword category. The advanced report also includes data on competitor pay per click and cost per thousand impressions.

Social Media Outsourcing.

If you think that it’s not possible to optimize your website for the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ among other popular social media outlets, then it’s worth considering outsourcing your SEO needs to a digital business with expertise in social media optimization services. The best alternatives offer affordable SEO services at a fast turnaround time and have a strong track record of providing results.

Whether you need to get organic rankings for specific key phrases, or you simply want to boost visitor numbers, the best SEO tools out there will provide you with real-time insights on the status of your website. Some SEO services even offer advanced methods to track your progress and spot the critical keywords that you should focus on in order to achieve higher rankings. With thousands of digital marketing opportunities available, it’s easy to get lost in the competition, and your website may never see the results you’re hoping for. Take a minute to check out the top 5 alternatives to Google SEO, as they offer many of the same advantages and more, to help you make more money online.

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