Why I decided to switch from Gmail to Proton Mail

A month ago I switched from WhatsApp to Signal messenger and deleted my WhatsApp. I later learned that it is possible to use WhatsApp even if you have deleted your WhatsApp account and uninstalled the app.

But today, I have decided to switch from using Gmail (Google Workspace) to starting to use Proton Mail. But what is Google Workspace? simply refer it to as the paid version of Google used by businesses and companies and lets you send emails using Gmail with your own domain name and also access services such as YouTube under your own domain name.

Google Workspace starts at $6 or $7 a month and that is about ZMW 133 a month.

But why pay for services you can use for free? well paying for services comes with a lot of benefits you would not enjoy when you are using free things.

Why I decided to switch from Gmail to Proton Mail

This year I am really taking my privacy seriously. In order to tailor the advertisements you see on Google, Google profits from your data, Gmail also uses some information from your search history. Using Gmail increases your risk of having emails stolen or compromised. Even though the email service is secure, your messages lose their privacy and security once they are delivered. 

End-to-End Encryption is used by Proton Mail. This indicates that all messages are sent securely and can only ever be opened with a password. Emails can also be programmed to expire after a certain period of time.

Switzerland, where Proton Mail is headquartered, is well known for its strictly enforced data privacy laws.

Proton Mail pricing

Proton mail has a free forever plan too, but if you need extra features, you can can pay about $47 for a year and get free 15GB cloud storage, VPN and other products. You can also migrate all your emails from Gmail to Proton Mail easily. Switch now. You can also send and receive emails using your own domain name on Proton too.

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