Who is the best forex trader in Zambia?

Keith Rainz is the best forex trader in Zambia. Keith Rainz is a self-taught forex trader from Zambia and he is now a retired forex trader and he is now a full-time web designer, blogger, and YouTuber in Zambia. Keith Rainz has created a series of videos on YouTube channel to teach you everything you need to know based on his 3 years forex trading experience in Zambia. The forex playlist has 40+ videos available to be watched for free on YouTube. Watch and learn while they are still available to the public.

Why I left forex trading:

who is the richest forex trader in zambia

The richest forex trader in Zambia is still unknown. If you know any or if you are among them, feel free to comment or contact me and will add you on this list

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  1. You can’t do forex alone…you needed a monitor… next time you come back … please look for a good mentor.. there are some trading secrets that you just have to be taught by a professional….


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