What are spike detectors? why are they used in boom and crash indices?

A spike detector is a tool or system that is designed to identify sudden, sharp changes in a financial market or asset. Spike detectors are often used to identify and alert traders or investors to potentially significant market movements, such as sudden price spikes or crashes. Spike detectors may use a variety of methods to identify spikes, such as analyzing historical data, monitoring real-time market activity, or using algorithms to detect unusual patterns or trends.

In the context of boom and crash situations, a spike detector might be used to alert traders or investors to significant price movements or changes in market conditions that could indicate a potential boom or crash. However, it is important to note that spike detectors are not a guarantee of future market movements, and that using a spike detector does not guarantee success in trading or investing. It is always important to carefully assess the risks and potential rewards of any investment or trading strategy.

Best spike detectors for boom and crash

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