How to sell a video course on Udemy in Zambia

Learn how you can sell your course on in Zambia and how to get paid.

What is is a market place for online learning. Udemy has an extensive range of courses on everything from computing to art and yoga and much more.

A course can be created in text, audio, and video formats. Each course is on-demand available and students can train at their own speed, on their own schedule, and on any computer. is suitable for?

People who like to teach in Zambia, explain, and solve problems. 

What skills are required to sell a course on

1. A profound understanding of whatever subject you like.

2. Ability to convey information in an easy to understand way.

3. Can build and film high-quality images.

Time to create a video course for in Zambia

It depends on the complexity of the course, the number of modules used and the time it takes to plan.

How to get started:

1. Pick a subject you ‘re interested in. Research the related courses for your subject to see how many students are involved in the course and have already enrolled in it.

2. This will provide you with a general overview of the people involved in your subject and ready to participate in your path.

3. Research the other courses available, to figure out what you can do that can make your course even better, different from other courses available.

4. Identify the level of participation, and then build the content of the course.

For example, first you have to decide if your course is for novice or expert level audience.

Then you need to build your course material that appeals to the relevant audience.

5. Making sure the title and overview of the course are tailored to cater to the target audience. Try answering the regular questions your group asks in the overview of your lesson.

6. Deliver in video format at least 80 per cent of the course as it is the most enjoyable means of engagement. Keep each video lesson length about 2-10 minutes, too.

7. Create a partnership with, and involve the viewer. You should still do quiz-ups during the lectures to make it fun and captivating.

How to monetize your course in Zambia

1. Udemy receives a lot of users every day so there’s a fair chance your course will be heard and people will be enrolling in and you’ll start making money.

2. You can also start a small blog on topics pertaining to your course and encourage your course.

3. For your course more people sign up for more money you make.

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