Zambian Bloggers: The Top 10 Bloggers in Zambia in 2021

Zambian Bloggers: Here is a list of the top 10 new and existing bloggers in Zambia in 2021. Zambian bloggers and especially YouTubers are on the rise in Zambia and it is a good thing. Unfortunately, only a few bloggers in Zambia are making money out of it. Some are just doing it for fun.

The Top 10 Bloggers in Zambia in 2021( Zambian Bloggers)


My name is Keith Rainz and I am a self-taught developer, SEO specialist, web security, and marketing in Zambia. I blog or write about anything related to money from money-making opportunities to tutorials. If you would like to grow your online business, your website, or your YouTube channel, then my blog is for you. If you hate reading like me, I have a YouTube channel where I make videos too. Consider joining Keith Rainz’s email list here and subscribing to my YouTube channel here.

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Lensesview is a tech news blog that has been around for some time in Zambia. If you would like to know what’s happening in terms of technology in Zambia, then this blog is for you.


Rainz is a digital marketing agency in Zambia by me. For all your digital needs in Zambia, Rainz is for you. Click here to visit the blog.

The Rest Of The Top 10 Bloggers in Zambia

Unfortunately, those two above, are the only blogs I could find that are worthy to be on this list. Some blogs of Zambians are offline, some have not posted any post for over a year now, some they are still using free hosting platforms.

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