Three factors impacting CPC in Google AdSense

Are you seeing a low CPC in your AdSense? There are many factors affecting this, Such as market indices, banned categories and auction ads.

Three main factors that affect CPC in AdSense

Today we’ll talk about three main factors that affect CPC.

The first is market indicators.

Seasonal differences affect bids, For example, sellers of umbrellas raise their bids in the rainy season, because the sales indicators increase You should analyze the last three or four months of your report and identify patterns.

You can understand the root cause by analyzing. Two or three days’ data Think about the topic of your website, for example, if it offers services to students, It should be less visited during the summer. You can also compare that period with the previous year To understand the effects of seasonal changes in general.

blocking controls

Second, blocking controls are okay to block some sensitive categories, But you have to make sure that you are not blocking any ads without success. Banning an excessive number of advertisers or ad networks in general Or sensitive groups may lower CPC, Because that leads to lower bids. In the auction for your warehouse.

Third static ad units.

Turn your fixed-sized ad units into responsive ad units, Responsive ad units. Allow you to show your ads on many devices By automatically resizing the ads to fit the page layout. Alternatively, you can turn on the Optimize ad sizes setting. In summary, there are three factors that cause low CPC: They are market indicators And blocking controls and static ad units For more information.

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