Electronic Funds Transfer as a payment method in AdSense

Here is everything you need to know about Electronic Funds Transfer as a payment method in AdSense. Here is what Caroline from AdSense says on Electronic Funds Transfer as a payment method in AdSense.

Electronic Funds Transfer as a payment method in AdSense

Welcome to the Google Adsense all about payments series I’m Caroline and today I will be taking you through the steps you need to follow to receive your payments by electronic funds transfer EFT directly deposits your Adsense earnings into your bank account in your local currency.

EFT is fast secure and environmentally-friendly you can check in your AdSense payment page if EFT is available as a payment method. Once you’ve confirmed it’s available in your country you can set EFT as your payment method before going into the practical steps here is a quick overview of the two topics we’ll be covering in this article first we will walk you through the five-step process to enter the bank account details required before we can issue your test deposit second we will highlight how you can verify your bank account using a test deposit let’s start with a first topic which is entering your bank account details into your account here are the five steps to do so.

  • step 1 sign in to your AdSense account
  • step 2 click payments from the left side of the menu bar and for
  • step 3 go to manage payment methods
  • step 4 you will then see add a payment method and click there to add a new payment method to add EFT you can select add a bank account at this point you will need to know the name on the bank account which is the name of the account holder and not the name of the bank itself the Iban number and the Swift or BIC code
  • step 5 once you follow the on-screen instructions to choose your form of payment and save your changes you will then see a pop-up that tells you to verify your bank account you will also see in your account that the bank account is pending verification now that the correct bank account details are settled we can move on to the second topic of this video you need to verify your bank account using a test deposit. A test deposit is a small amount less than $1 for the local currency equivalent that is sent by Google as a test to your bank account.

Google does this to make sure when your actual payment is sent it will go to the correct bank account please be patient while waiting two to five days for the test deposit to appear in your bank statement because it won’t appear immediately in case you enter your bank account information incorrectly you won’t be able to edit the details instead you can click remove and delete the details after you’ve deleted the incorrect information you can then re-enter your bank account information once again if you’re unsure about your bank details please contact your bank to confirm this information enter your updated bank account details afterwards and wait for your test deposit you may not find the test deposit if it has not been featured in the account yet please allow 2 to 5 days for the test deposit to appear in your bank statement after these 2 to 5 days.

You can check if you’ve received the test deposit by calling your bank or by checking your online bank statement depending on which country your bank is located in the test deposit will appear in your bank account under different labels when you’re ready to verify your test deposit click on verify if you know from your online bank statement Google sent you 62 cents, for example, you can find the sixty-two cents and select verify now so that your bank account is verified and ready for use finally if you have any questions related to payments please make sure to check out our Adsense payments fa Q’s article in the video description down below we hope this video helps you better understand how to select EFT as your payment method and verify your test deposits successfully.

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