PHP 7.3/7.4 Packages for WordPress

PHP 7.37.4 Packages for WordPress

View and Download PHP 7.3/7.4 Packages for WordPress and learn how to install on Ubuntu Desktop or Server If the list of packages PHP 7,3 needed for WordPress is being searched, a list and a one-line version to install are provided here for you. I have php7.3-fpm included, as you should use FPM if your … Read more

8 Best PHP Frameworks in 2022

8 Best PHP Frameworks in 2022

Choosing the best framework for PHP development has a lot to do with the kind of projects that you are likely to develop. If your projects are not too complex, then you should select the MVC frameworks for PHP and the XML/SOAP frameworks for now. For more complex projects, there are the CakePHP framework and … Read more

How Can You Make Money Online in South Africa?

Have you ever thought of how to make money online South Africa? If you have, then there are quite a number of opportunities that await you. The economic boom in South Africa has attracted a number of foreign investors into the country, and some of them may even end up establishing their own businesses here. … Read more

How Can Students Make Money in South Africa?

There are so many things that a student can do when it comes to the world of earning money. But it is for sure that there is one thing that is a bit different when it comes to South Africa – and that is the fact that there are many students who are given scholarships … Read more