Social Media Marketing Strategies to Use in Zambia



Learn these four Social Media Marketing Strategies you can use in Zambia, social media marketing in Zambia, digital marketing in Zambia, online advertising in Zambia and media houses in Zambia. To maximally tap the potential of social media marketing to improve sales and conversion, you will need to have a social marketing strategy. Here below are tips on how to create and deploy a social media marketing strategy.

1. Make a Game Plan and Abide By It in Zambia

If you don’t have an execution strategy for your social media marketing, you risk your content falling through the cracks. Set a number of tweets to be posted daily on the Twitter account of your business or number of posts to be posted on facebook.

Where appropriate, the number can be changed, but having a number gives you a target and a way to measure your success.

2. Consider Each social media Channel as an Independent Individual Entity in Zambia

Therefore, with the channel audience in mind, each channel could have a different demographic from the other, designing the content.
For example, Instagramers are searching for visually appealing content while LinkedIn has a community that is mostly business-savvy and career-focused. Content will have to be created differently for each of these platforms.

3. Customer Service Excellence in Zambia

Respond to personal inquiries on your social media account. That will definitely build your authority.

4. Track Performance in Zambia

Allow time to review the degree of growth across a variety of areas such as growth of followers, clicks on your page or goods, sharing likes or shares, etc.


The surge of social media marketing is a tide that wrecks your ship or the wind that makes you sail. You choose for yourself what it is. Businesses are getting so many advantages from this new sales style. Don’t be disqualified.

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