10 Types of businesses you can start in Zambia

Are you looking for the most profitable ideas or types of businesses you can start for small enterprises in Zambia? For your ready reference, here a list of top 10 best business ideas to start in Zambia.

Zambia is a landlocked southern African country. The country’s capital city is Lusaka. Lusaka is also the country’s largest city. Zambia is, essentially, a developing country in Africa. And the country’s economy is growing very rapidly. The country’s overall economic condition is enterprise-friendly. While the country does not hold a good position in a business-friendly manner worldwide, the government does best to promote the small-scale industries in Zambia.

For people living in Zambia, therefore, starting a small, medium, or large-scale business is really a good choice. Although still a developing country, Zambia is one of the African nations with a rapidly growing economy that is very friendly to a large number of companies. Zambia’s government has stipulated very entrepreneur-friendly policies to further enhance the development of the country. That’s to encourage entrepreneurs and investors to explore the country’s different business sectors.

If you have the ambition to start a business in Zambia, small, medium or large, then the following are the hottest sectors right now and will remain hot for years to come.

List or Types of businesses you can start in Zambia

  1. Transport business in Zambia
  2. Tourism in Zambia
  3. Telecommunication in Zambia
  4. Shoe repairing in Zambia
  5. Manufacturing in Zambia
  6. Healthcare in Zambia
  7. Electronics selling in Zambia
  8. Agriculture
  9. Infrastructure development in Zambia
  10. Housing in Zambia


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