Social Hour Review – What the Best Online Video Conferencing Solutions Offer Businesses

Social Hour is an affordable and reliable cloud-based webinar platform with great and helpful video conferencing features such as screen sharing, captioning, and recording, and customizable branding tools and analytics for audience measurement and engagement. Social Hour also offers technical support and free trials. Social Hour integrates with popular social media websites to provide a fast and efficient way to interact with customers and prospects. The platform is easy to use for all new and existing webinars as it provides quick setup and simple call-to-action elements. Social Hour supports the newest technologies like Flash, Shockwave, Windows Live Tile, and Java. Social Hour works great with Google AdSense and is part of the Google AdWords family of programs.

Social Hour has a unique feature that allows its users to create, schedule and share online seminars or webinars with their own personalized listings. These listings are searchable using either the Google Search Engine or the WebEx Popularity Engine. They can be saved and displayed in the order of the date that the seminar or webinar was advertised. This helps the host or organizer to make announcements of upcoming events much easier and faster.

Social Hour allows the host to save all broadcasted webinars as links so that they can be referenced later. It also includes a plug-in for webmasters to record live broadcasts as they happen. A number of advanced features also allow guests to download and watch Social Hour on their computers, iPhones, Linux boxes or any other media player. All this can be done automatically, without the need to interrupt the guests while they are doing other things.

The software package allows up to sixty minutes of broadcast time to be shared with up to thirty guests at one time. Depending on how many members are invited to participate, a different number of guests may be needed. Social Hour may use one hour or it may use two hours or more. There is no maximum number of guests who can be given access to the broadcast. The maximum number of people who can be involved in listening to the live Social Hour is currently unknown.

When Social Hour is used to share information about an upcoming event via the web, it can be performed via the use of user profiles. When the host logs into his/her user profile, he/she can set up the event via the “Share” button and select “Succeed.” When guests enter their names and email addresses, the names and email addresses of their audience are sent as invitations to the webinar.

Using this technology, the organizers can record a video about the event and post it on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, etc. where it can be viewed by all thirty guests at one time. Each guest can then access the video feed on their personal profiles by logging in. In addition to posting the video on their individual profiles, they can also share it on their individual walls.

Social Hour can also be used as a means of gathering feedback for future events. The data collected through Social Hour can be combined with the data that would come from the use of traditional event metrics to determine the most important issues or areas of need for improvement. The Social Hour Hosts can use the Social Hour data to create surveys for their potential clients. The data from the surveys would then be used as a means of identifying which areas or problems need the most focus to resolve. The best online video conferencing solutions offer many options for gathering this kind of information.

Video Conferencing can also be used as a means of providing customers with the ability to view the event live as it happens. Custom colors and logos, along with pre-recorded videos of important parts of the business meeting or presentation can make all of the difference when it comes to getting past the customer’s “first impression”. Social Hour and other similar applications can make video conferencing much easier for businesses to use and provide the kind of experience that customers would want to see in order to hold their attention longer.
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