Reasons to Have These helping Tools
While Doing Digital Marketing

In this digital era, businesses largely depend on tools to make their work easier and simpler. 

Yes, it is right!

In this article, we will tell you why some helping tools should be in your toolkit.

Let’s get started!

1. PDF Merger

How PDF Combiner can make digital marketing tasks easier?

Document lose their formatting when marketers open text files on a different device. 

With that in mind, they rely on PDFs. All formatting, image information, and style from the source file are preserved in PDFs. 

In addition, PDFs are compatible with all devices. 

These are the benefits of using PDF merger:

Gives a helping hand in managing PDFs  

Marketers have to conduct meetings virtually with their employees so that they track their performance. 

In this scenario, they receive PDF files from all ends. So merging these PDFs can make things easier for them. is an online PDF combining tool that lets marketers merge PDF in a single file without disturbing its quality. 

This tool speeds up the process and ensures the merged document contains everything in need. 

In this way, your presentation will look more professional and cohesive. 

Furthermore, if you need to make any changes to the document, you can accomplish this task quickly. 

Saves device space

One of the best things about merge PDF tool is that it helps you save the device’s space. 

These documents may also include images, tables, flowcharts, and vector graphs. These elements make the files’ size larger. 

Moreover, the more individual files marketers keep, the more they consume space on their devices. 

Using pdf merging tool can help them avoid consuming a lot of space as this tool combines all individual files into one document. 

How to use this tool?

You do not need to be a tech expert in using this tool. It is simple and easy to use. Follow these steps:

  • Tap the “Choose File” option. After that, upload all PDF files you want to merge. 
  • Now, rearrange all uploaded files in your desired order. However, if you are satisfied with the order of uploaded PDFs, you do not need to consider this step.
  • Click the “Merge PDF” button and wait for a couple of seconds. 
  • All individual PDF files will be combined instantly. Finally, hit the “Download” button. The merged file will be downloaded in the blink of an eye. 
  1. Sentence Rephrasing tools

How can text rephraser makes digital marketing tasks easier?

Digital marketing is more than just brainstorming and choosing the best strategy for your business’s growth. 

Instead, it is all about implementing the best strategies for gaining the maximum results. 

Content is still the king of digital marketing. Findings unveil that 83% of digital marketers focus on quality content to reach their business goals. 

Creating top-quality content is not a piece of cake. It requires proper writing skills and appropriate time. 

This is where comes to rescue digital marketers. Powered by Artificial Intelligence , this online tool helps marketers in the following ways:

Simplify complex text 

Unfortunately, some marketers use flowery language in their content to impress their readers. 

The truth is that you cannot impress readers with complicated vocabulary. So if you are practicing the same thing, now is the time to stop it at once. 

Use simple words in your content to express your message clearly. Complex words act like hurdles or barriers in a race that stop readers from understanding the text. 

As a result, readers will stop reading the content and look for other writers. 

So, you should simplify the complex text. If you face difficulty simplifying complicated text, you no longer need to worry. 

Text rephraser can help you to simplify difficult words. 

Based on Natural Language Processing (NLP), this tool replaces all tricky words with simple and easy-to-understand words that will give more precise meaning to your text. 

In this way, your readers will love reading your content and comprehend it. 

Trim the lengthy text 

As a marketer, you need to keep sentences short and sweet. Readers have short time spans, and they do not like reading long sentences. 

They will skip reading your text when they have to read sentences multiple times to grasp the central idea. 

So you will not be able to drive conversions and generate leads for your business. 

In this case, can help you trim the long and boring sentences so that your text provides a direct path to your main point. 

Additionally, this paraphrasing tool also improves the readability of the text. In this way, short sentences will help your target readers easily understand your storyline. 

Saves your time & money

You do not need to hire a professional writer to simplify your text when you have in hand. 

This tool helps you save time and money. It creates human-level content in a matter of seconds.

So you do not need to hire writers and spend money. 

How to use this tool?

To use this AI-fueled paraphrasing tool, follow these steps:

  1. Copy-paste the complicated text into its input section. 
  2. Press the “Paraphrase” button and wait for a few seconds. 
  3. Your text will be simplified in a matter of seconds.

Free Image maker tool

How can canva and other free image makers can help you in digital marketing

In Digital marketing sometimes we are out of time, so here’s a freemium online tool to make free images with a lot of options to edit the image like: Fonts, colors, text size and many other options.

There are a lot of free and unique templates available in canva and other free image maker tools.

These type of tools are so helpful when you are running out of time and you have to design some post for your social media or other platforms.

How to use free image maker tool?

To use any free image maker tool, follow these steps:

1 Go to Google and just search free image maker tool

2 Select any of the top website like canva, lightroom, picsart etc

3 The website is now open login with Facebook or google account and select your favorite template and start editing.

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