Learn how to Get Wealthy by Blogging

Learn how to Get Wealthy by Blogging.

“KNOWLEDGE can be divided into two categories. One is broad, while the other is narrow. General knowledge, regardless of its quantity or variety, is of little use in the accumulation of wealth.”

Web blogs are online journals comprised of short, frequently updated entries. Furthermore, they have an inexplicably large following.

Steve Pavlina’s Blog, which is dedicated to assisting you in making conscious decisions about your personal development and courageously carrying them out, is an example of a very popular Blog. This site received about 86,000 visitors in February 2005, 715,000 in January 2006, and today Steve’s Blog receives over 1 million page views per month and is ranked among the Top 500 Blogs in the world by Technorati.

Because it is spider food, it is listed in nearly every search engine. Almost every day, new content is added. We’ll talk about it later.

Blogs have the advantage of being simple to update. On the other hand, visitors will expect you to update your website frequently. They will go somewhere else if you do not.

Use part of the name or a similar name to the name of the sponsor program you are promoting when signing up for a Blog or creating one on your own site, unless it is against the sponsors T.O.S.

In just three days, this blog, Marketing-Tipps.blogspot.com, appeared in the search engines. Although it does not rank in the top ten for most search engine terms, it consistently generates revenue, primarily through AdSense.

However, it is critical that you choose a niche that you are familiar with and understand when creating your blog or blogs. Consider the following: Would and does my Blog appeal to me? Is there anything about it that piques my interest?
If not, you’ll have to start all over again.

When you create your blog, for example, about “mp3 players,” you can use the galleries and Urls from your sponsors in your posts. Use the descriptions if they come with them. If you have the option of choosing between short and long descriptions, go with the latter. This is the food for spiders.

However, do not post them all at once to the Blog. At a time, add 7 to 10 at a time. Make a schedule for yourself. Add more every second or third day. If your sponsor does not have a large number of galleries to use, you will need to use multiple sponsors for each of your blogs in order to keep them updated on a regular basis. Repeat the process after 10-15 days, when the first posts have faded from view. You’re pursuing surfers who have arrived via search engines, and you’re laying down spider food. It’s similar to fishing. You’re putting out bait for both the surfer and the search engine spiders or bots.

Furthermore, it is critical that you consider Spider Food. Use your blog’s name in the descriptions for each of your posts. If you’re promoting Asian content, for example, include a lot of related names in your blog entries. This is a critical point.
Go to Google and type in “mp3 players” for example.

On your notepad, jot down all of the related key words you come across, and weave these words into your blog entries as you write. Work these keywords into your posts over the next few weeks when you’re writing entries. Recite them again. Yes, you should repeat them. They should be repeated frequently. When a search engine surfer arrives at your blog in search of an mp3 player, he is unlikely to stay for long and read your posts. He’ll go after the links that lead to an mp3 player. As a result, the most important thing to remember is to get him there.

Search Engine Traffic is of high quality. Although you may not receive a large amount of traffic from Search Engines at first, the quality of the traffic you do receive is extremely high.

When you’ve finished setting up your blog on the internet, you’ll need to submit it to three different places. Google, Yahoo, and BLOGGERNITY.COM, a blog directory, are the two most popular search engines. Handicap Submit your blog to the following three locations. Go to BLOGGERNITY and vote for yourself once your blog has been listed. Create a free account there and write a review of your blog. It does not need to be anything extravagant. Simply write what you want the surfer to think and feel when they visit your blog.

Creating a network!

Make a list of all the other blogs at BLOGGERNITY and contact their owners (as many as you can). Send them a quick email and ask them to exchange links with you. The majority of them will.

When it comes to promoting your blog, it’s critical that you use a well-thought-out strategy and keep track of your progress. Use the referrers’ script to figure out what’s going on. Keep a written record of everything you do.

If you’ve followed the examples I’ve provided, you already know how to set up your blog and drive traffic to it. You can make money if you stick to it.
Steve Pavlina, once more: His blog, https://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/, earns $4,700 per month from AdSense solely on the basis of the ten principles below:

  1. Produce useful content.
  2. Produce unique content.
  3. Create content that will stand the test of time.
  4. Write first for humans, then for computers.
  5. Understand why you desire a high-traffic website.
  6. Allow your audience to see you in your natural state.
  7. Write what you believe to be true for you, and accept the consequences.
  8. Treat your visitors as if they were real people.
  9. Store money in its proper location.
  10. If you forget the first nine tips, just concentrate on genuinely assisting others, and the rest will take care of itself.

This business model intrigues me. I obviously did not invent it, but I am having a great time riding along with it. It’s incredibly simple, far simpler than any other type of business. There is virtually no risk, and there is no cost other than web hosting (assuming you already own a computer and have internet access). There are no sales, products, or customers; there is no order processing; there is no fraud; there is no inventory; there is no shipping; and there are no deadlines. Despite this, you make money 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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