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Klever develops DeFi devices that are innovative, simple to use, and secure, and are based on peer-to-peer and blockchain technologies. Klever’s native cryptocurrency, KLV, allows investors to undertake various operations both on and off the blockchain. Klever is a promising initiative that has amassed a sizable following. Klever is being used by 3 million people. Because Klever is so popular, it’s only normal to assume that some KLV investors would want to use their Klever coins. Using NOWPayments’ online shop plugins, businesses can start accepting KLV payments.

Klever’s native crypto is KLV.
Payments in KLV might assist businesses in attracting new customers.

What is Klever (KLV)

Klever is the cryptocurrency that fuels the Klever ecosystem as a whole. Every user who wants to utilize Klever products and services like Klever Wallet and Klever Exchange needs KLV. Because KLV is used as a fuel, it is used to process all transactions that take place within the Klever ecosystem.

Why use KLV for crypto payments

Clientele has grown.
Klever, as previously said, is utilized by millions of individuals. As new use cases emerge, the Klever ecosystem continues to grow. Online businesses can quickly create their own KLV use case by integrating a Klever payment gateway, allowing 3 million KLV investors to purchase their items. For online merchants, KLV payments could represent a new source of competitive advantage. Businesses that contribute to the adoption of KLV by accepting it as payment are always supported by the Klever community. As a result, online shops who choose to use KLV as a payment method can generate a lot of excitement in the Klever community.

Transactions with no borders
Because cryptocurrencies are decentralized, they are not controlled by other parties such as banks. As a result, people all over the world can simply transfer cryptocurrency without encountering any hurdles, such as interbank transfers and other activities that drastically slow down the entire process. With borderless crypto payments, online merchants may access a bigger number of customers, particularly those from other countries. KLV payments can be utilized as a universal payment method by anyone with an internet connection anywhere on the earth. KLV transactions are simple and take only a few minutes, regardless of where the sender and recipient are located.

Transactions in KLV are also confidential. This means that neither the sender nor the recipient’s personal information is contained in them. In fact, there is no need to register to begin sending and receiving KLV. Users can’t be kicked off the network, either. As a result, KLV has the potential to become a secure payment option for online merchants and their customers.

Plugins for Klever

PrestaShop is a popular eCommerce platform used by many businesses all over the world. The software is free to use and has open source code. Over the years, PrestaShop’s merchant directory has surpassed 100,000. PrestaShop’s interface can be translated into over 50 languages, making it appealing to multinational retailers. PrestaShop businesses may get help from the platform’s highly professional support team. PrestaShop also has an add-on marketplace where businesses may choose and install extra tools to improve their online operations. One of these add-ons is the NOWPayments plugin, which allows online merchants to accept KLV payments.

Because it provides businesses with a modern eCommerce solution, WooCommerce is an important aspect of the WordPress platform. WooCommerce allows companies to convert their regular websites into full-fledged storefronts. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows merchants to sell both digital and physical goods and services. WooCommerce is available to merchants for free. Payment gateways, a free WordPress theme, a shipping calculator, a shopping cart, and other basic features are included. WooCommerce is compatible with a wide range of platforms. The NOWPayments WooCommerce addon allows merchants to accept Klever as payment.

Another service that allows retailers to create online storefronts is Shopify. Users of Shopify have access to a large number of themes for customizing their brand’s store. Shopify is a user-friendly platform that makes the process of creating a store a lot easier. Users can make manual changes to their code at the same time. Web hosting is not required for Shopify merchants. To run a Shopify store, all you need is an internet connection and a computer. Shopify provides all of the necessary tools for running an online store. NOWPayments adds to Shopify’s capability by allowing merchants to accept KLV payments.

Shopware is an eCommerce platform with a modular architecture. Shopware is a platform that allows businesses to establish and manage online stores with a variety of innovative features. Shopware may be used to run an almost endless number of online enterprises. Shopware retailers can completely personalize their stores to meet their specific requirements. Built-in SEO tools are available to Shopware retailers. The Shopware interface is simple and straightforward to use. Shopware is used by several internationally famous businesses, including L’Oreal. The NOWPayments plugin enables Shopware merchants to accept KLV payments.

Zen Cart is a type of cart that is used
Zen Cart is a PHP-based shopping cart system for online stores. Zen Cart is a free and open-source shopping cart. As a result, users can modify their code and customise their stores to their specific requirements. Zen Cart is a scalable platform that allows businesses of any size to construct online stores. Zen Cart is a modern and advanced shopping cart software with a large variety of capabilities and services. Zen Cart is the best option for retailers who don’t want to pay for eCommerce services. The NOWPayments Zen Cart plugin is a technology that allows retailers to accept Klever payments in their stores.

How to accept KLV payments using plugins

NOWPayments assists internet merchants in establishing a crypto payment gateway. Following these simple steps, online merchants can set up a Klever payment gateway:

To begin, go to the NOWPayments official website and register.
After that, you’ll be asked for your KLV address, where you’d like to receive payments.
After that, you’ll need to create an API key.
Go to the page of the plugin that is compatible with your store’s platform after you have your key.
Follow the instructions on the plugin’s page to install it.


Klever’s native cryptocurrency, KLV, allows retailers to accept payments that are both borderless and private. NOWPayments’ plugins can be used by online retailers to accept KLV payments.

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