How to benefit from Horizen donations?

Horizen is well-known in the crypto community for its cutting-edge blockchain technology. Horizen’s native cryptocurrency, ZEN, has limitless possibilities as a utility currency and a payment option. ZEN, on the other hand, has another essential application. ZEN, in particular, can be used to make a gift. The major characteristics of ZEN make it an ideal fit for anyone or any group that wants to provide their audience the opportunity of making a donation. NOWPayments makes it easier to receive ZEN payments by giving users the tools they need to set up their own Horizen donation channel.

Horizen’s native crypto is ZEN.
Donations to ZEN are anonymous, quick, and cross-border.

What is Horizen (ZEN)?

Horizen is a project that began in 2017. Horizen provides sidechain technology that allows users to create decentralized apps and services. Horizen’s native currency is ZEN. Privacy is one of ZEN’s key concerns. The total supply of ZEN is 21 million coins. ZEN is available on a variety of exchanges, so obtaining it is simple.

Horizen donations: How to benefit out of them?

Horizen can help you save money.
Blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are not the greatest choice for charities and other organizations that need to keep track of every penny due to excessive costs on these networks. Horizen fees, on the other hand, are reasonably priced. A typical transaction will cost you less than a penny. As a result, non-profit organizations can benefit greatly from Horizen’s low transaction fees, lowering their fee expenses and so increasing their revenue.

Make your donation procedure more efficient.
ZEN Cryptocurrency can be easily transferred from one address to another with no issues or delays. Horizen’s blockchain is one of the most scalable and efficient on the market, thanks to its high throughput. As a result, the beneficiary of a ZEN transaction can expect the money to arrive in their wallet in a matter of minutes. ZEN transactions are extremely fast, which is critical for streamers who accept donations as a method for their viewers to interact with them in real time.

Enhance your privacy
Not everyone wants their names or financial details revealed when donating to charity. Traditional confidential donations include a lot of additional trouble and intermediaries, which diminishes the donation’s amount. ZEN transactions are a private solution that does not involve any third parties. Furthermore, ZEN users can customize their level of anonymity. As a result, when submitting a ZEN donation, users can be assured of complete privacy. By default, the Horizen blockchain preserves users’ privacy.

Make an effort to reach out to a global audience.
Typically, charitable efforts involve a sense of urgency and the desire to act quickly. Despite the fact that most charity projects attract a large number of volunteers, they lack sufficient financial resources. The international audience allows the organization to receive donations from all across the world, and Horizen makes it easy to do so without any complicated registration. In areas where there is no international financial system, Horizen can be a lifeline for NGOs.

Recruit new contributors
The cryptocurrency community as a whole is incredibly philanthropic. Every day, crypto investors work together to achieve big things. Including bitcoin donations in your project or charity is a great method to get their attention. The ability to contribute donations in bitcoin will also be welcomed by the crypto community. As a result, employ ZEN to entice new funders and patrons.


For charities and other non-profit organizations, ZEN is an ideal choice. ZEN is one of the top cryptocurrencies on the market since it is private, speedy, and dependable.

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