Kaza EA 2.0

In the Kaza EA 1.0, The EA does make some good profits but after some it remains with less profit because some of the profits gets eaten up by the losses. By using a risk % of 2 with an account having $50, before spikes can happen, the EA would have already closed the trade and end up in negatives.

The 1.0 can only perform better to those with big accounts, unfortunately, they are few. In today’s update, the Kaza EA 2.0 is suitable even for those with $20.

The Kaza 1.0, was both buying and selling on any indices, in this new update, I have disabled that.

What’s new in Boom and Crash expert advisor 2.0?

  1. Trades placed manually will not be closed by the EA
  2. Disabled the buy and sell feature on both indices.
  3. On Boom 1000 and Boom 500, the EA only places SELL orders
  4. On Crash 1000 and 500, The EA only places Buy orders.

How to download the latest version of the EA

What’s next

For now subscribe to my channel for more… And this marks the end of the live streamings of the expert advisors trading. For now will move on to other indices awesome content.

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