ICT Smart Money Concepts Indicator – FREE DOWNLOAD

This all-in-one indicator shows current market structure, including equal highs and lows, order blocks, premium and discount zones, and swing BOS and CHoCH.enabling traders to instantly add popular price action strategies to their charts.

A relatively new but often used term among price action traders seeking to more precisely traverse liquidity & locate more advantageous points of interest in the market is “Smart Money Concepts” (SMC). Finding more practical entry and exits based on price movement can be found by attempting to locate where institutional market participants have orders placed (buy or sell side liquidity).

ICT Smart Money Concepts- MT4 Trading Indicator
ICT Smart Money Concepts- MT4 Trading Indicator

Features of the ICT Smart Money Concepts Indicator

This indicator includes many features relevant to SMC, these are highlighted below:

  • Full internal & swing market structure labeling in real-time
  • Break of Structure (BOS)
  • Change of Character (CHoCH)
  • Order Blocks (bullish & bearish)
  • Equal Highs & Lows
  • Fair Value Gap Detection
  • Previous Highs & Lows
  • Premium & Discount Zones as a range
  • Options to style the indicator to more easily display these concepts.

ICT Smart Money Concepts Indicator – FREE DOWNLOAD

14 thoughts on “ICT Smart Money Concepts Indicator – FREE DOWNLOAD”

  1. Thank you for the indicator. God bless!

    How can I change the alert message below when I change the timeframe or symbol? Thanks

    Your indicators are now unlocked and ready to be used. You will not be asked for this key again. If you require your key for any reason you can find this in the email sent to you when you first generated your key.

  2. Just came across this site by chance,was looking for SMC indi thanks so much..is there by chance you have gud indicator for binary option trading….

  3. Hi Keith thanks a lot with the indicator,it will really help me with market structure which I couldn’t get it right.God bless you my brother


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