How to start a cleaning company in South Africa

Learn How to start a cleaning company in South Africa. A cleaning company in South Africa commercially or to customers offers cleaning or janitorial services, this article will address what you need to know from a business perspective.

There are two major business categories in the cleaning sector, which are consumer and industrial in South Africa. Commercial catering for commercial spaces such as office buildings focuses mostly on servicing janitorial services firms in South Africa. Cleaning, cleaning out garbage, mopping the floors and restrooms, washing the window, etc. are activities.

Consumers provide general cleaning and maid services, this work is often performed in the home of the client, carpet cleaning and window cleaning services are included, and other services are often unique to the needs of the customer in South Africa.

This kind of company does not need you to have operating premises, it can be produced right at your home to save you some initial costs in South Africa.

Cleaning companies in South Africa and working as a franchise

You can work with already existing cleaning companies in South Africa. Cleaning companies in South Africa have already established and have achieved a level of success operating as franchisors, which means that you can operate under their brand. The benefits are you will benefit from marketing support such as the franchise’s domestic advertising, customers will show a lot more confidence and trust in you, you will use tried and tested procedures and techniques, and you will have more stability than if you were independent. The downside to this is that you’re not going to have a lot of flexibility and creative business control. In the long run, you would definitely spend much less cash than working as a franchise.

How to start a cleaning company in South Africa

  1. Initial costs – It is not expensive to set up and operate a cleaning company, this business can be started with less than $200, but the more capital the better. Equipment is included in many of these costs.   Overheard costs: these are all the indirect non-labour costs required to run your business, the costs for a cleaning company may vary depending on your business’s operating premises, clientele and scale.   Uniform: It can cost between $12 – $50 to help shape the business image, Cleaner for windows: $10 and up, Towels with paper: $8 and up, Fabrics: Gloves of Latex: $4 and up, Brushes for scrubbing: $3 and up, Cleaner for all-purposes: $5 and up, Duster: 6 dollars and up, Sponge: 5 dollars and Disinfectants: 8 dollars.
  2. Cleaning company in South Africa Insurance – Getting liability insurance for your cleaning company in South Africa will ensure that you are covered in the event that you or your staff accidentally damage the home or valuables of a client. Such types of situations can cause the company a massive burden, particularly when it is still in the early stages of incorporation.
  3. Labour requirements – A cleaning company’s labour requirements in South Africa depend on the scale of the company. The organization will start with only one or two individuals and grow as the need arises. Depending on your geographical location, employees are normally paid around $ 4- $ 12 per hour.
  4. cleaning company in South Africa pricing – Cleaning companies in South Africa typically charge $50 to $90 per hour, but the price tends to be influenced by other factors such as location, competition, clientele, size and condition.
  5. Cleaning company vehicle in South Africa – To transport all the supplies and equipment to the areas you are working on in South Africa, you will need a company vehicle, it is highly recommended to have it branded; this contributes to raising brand awareness as your car, the truck moves around. 
  6. Marketing a cleaning company in South Africa – For a cleaning company in South Africa, the scale of marketing depends on the budget and the business goals. To advertise their business, most cleaning companies use local newspapers. Referrals by word of mouth usually bring in a lot of customers, but until the company has been hired a few times, this does not happen. To spread awareness about their brand.

Is a cleaning company profitable in South Africa?

Yes, a cleaning company in South Africa is profitable depending on how the owner decides to conduct and manage it this type of business may be very lucrative. Companies report grossing over $50 000 a year with an average of only 3 per cent going to expenses in South Africa.

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