Flutterwave keeps on declining customer’s transactions solved

Hi, this is Keith. Are you having problems with your flutterwave account? are transactions from your customers being declined? are transactions from your customers from other international countries being declined too? if your answer is yes to one of the questions asked above, then this video is for you. Flutterwave is constantly working to ensure that your rate of successful transactions rises, allowing your customers to make payments to you with minimal friction. But this is not entirely true, as for me, I had a lot of transactions from my customers declined. But, I have a solution if you are passing through the same problem. But before I show you the solution, first learn more about these common transaction errors from flutterwave.
Transaction errors, on the other hand, are unavoidable at times. To help your customers understand why a transaction may not be successful, here are some common transaction errors and their causes.

Flutterwave common errors and their solutions

  1. If you receive this error: Account number, phone number validation failed. Received invalid response from remote entity, it means that This is an error from the customer’s bank (Usually temporary).
  2. If you receive an error saying: AUTHENTICATION FAILED or Could not verify this payment:
    , it means that 3D secure authentication was attempted on the card, but the customer’s bank did not authenticate the transaction. So you need to advise your customer to contact their bank.
  3. If you receive an error saying: FAILURE: DECLINED it means that The transaction was declined by the customer’s bank. You need to tell your customer to contact their bank.
    So if your customers are not facing any of the errors above but they are just getting their transactions declined by flutterwave, it means one thing then. I did contact flutterwave support team some few weeks ago and I was told that I was not permitted to transact with the card country based on global financial regulations. This means that, if you have customers from other countries, their transactions may be declined because of financial regulations of that country. So if you are facing this, the only solution is to move to other payment gateway providers. If you don’t know which payment gateway you need. Feel free to consult from me on WhatsApp +260977770202. I am a freelancer in web development, will help you with everything . If you learnt something from this video, give it a like to, if you have a question, feel free to comment, I read and reply to all comments within an hour. For more videos like this, subscribe to my YouTube channel. Bye for now.
Flutterwave common errors and their solutions

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