How to make money for free with your phone in Zambia

Funny but true, it’s possible to make money online by actuallly doing nothing. But don’t expect to make a million or any reasonable amount of money from these free ways of making money. These free ways can help you make between $1 to upto $50 per month or even way too less. If you are looking for serious ways of making money online… that is atleast being able to make than $100 a month, then enroll in any of my courses here. WhatsApp me for more information on 0977770202.

Money making app to download in Zambia

This time, we will be using the McMoney App. McMoney app is an app that enables you to get paid real money in Zambia for helping them improve worldwide communication.

How does McMoney work?

By letting them send text messages to your phone, you allow them to test and improve mobile operations. Simply put, you help them help mobile operators to work together. And not unimportant, each message you receive, adds more money to your McMoney bank. Real money. Mcmoney pays via PayPal, and the minimum is $7.

I charge K200 to create PayPal accounts that can both send and receive. I charge k150 to teach you how.

McMoney Payment proof:

Watch the video for proof.


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