How can Digibyte boost your online business?

People normally think of Bitcoin and Ethereum when they think of cryptocurrencies. When it comes to crypto payments, however, these currencies may not be the ideal option for companies. Companies who want to get the most out of crypto need coins like DGB, which have rapid and cheap transactions. Digibyte is a blockchain with one of the most sophisticated infrastructures, making it ideal for cryptocurrency payments. NOWPayments offers DGB payment acceptance solutions to businesses.

DigiByte’s native crypto is DGB.

DGB transactions are rapid, low-cost, and chargeback-free.

What is Digibyte & what are its best points?

Scalability had been a key issue for blockchains before the DigiByte network was introduced to the market in 2013. DigiByte provided a solution that had a high throughput and was easy to operate. DigiByte employs a three-layer architecture that allows it to host decentralized apps while maintaining top-notch security. DGB, DigiByte’s native currency, facilitates transactions 40 times faster than Bitcoin.

Advantages of Digibyte

Fees are low.
When customers pay for your products and services, it’s always exciting, but there’s usually a downside: bank fees. Merchants are treated unfairly by banks and payment processors, who impose high fees for simple transactions. DGB can assist merchants in breaking the vicious cycle and providing low-cost transactions to their customers. DGB transactions are cheap, costing only a few cents. Furthermore, the current fee changes are minor. As a result, businesses can drastically cut their costs by adopting DGB payments, while clients can save major bank fees. Lower costs equal higher profits, and DigiByte payments are a terrific way to get there.

Payments made quickly
The traditional payment methods have a number of flaws. Bank transfers, for example, may experience significant delays or just fail to complete. Bank transfers can take days to arrive in many circumstances. PayPal and other electronic payment methods are no better. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, can speed up money transfers and simplify the payment process. As a result, cryptocurrency transactions are gradually becoming a viable alternative to established payment methods. When compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum, DGB transactions are lightning quick. All payments are lightning fast because to DigiByte’s efficient and scalable infrastructure. Furthermore, the transaction speed remains constant regardless of the distance between the sender and the recipient.

When it comes to providing the greatest level of service to clients, businesses must consider every area of the customer experience. Consumers have a strong desire for privacy, yet typical payment systems are unable to deliver it. This is why cryptocurrencies like DGB can be a secure and private way to send money. There are no traces in DigiByte transactions that can be used to determine the sender and recipient’s identities. In truth, when utilizing DGB, there is no registration process that requires revealing one’s identify. As a result, businesses may provide their clients with a high level of anonymity by adopting DigiByte.

There will be no chargeback fraud.
Chargeback fraud is a serious issue for many companies all around the world. Chargeback schemes cost businesses billions of dollars every year. Furthermore, the most serious problem with chargeback fraud is that it cannot be avoided using typical methods because the bank makes the chargeback decision. However, cryptocurrency can assist firms in regaining control over chargebacks. Every DGB transaction is documented in a public ledger and is irreversible. As a result, once a DGB sum is transmitted, it is lost permanently to the sender. Companies can defend themselves from such unlawful acts by implementing a DGB payment gateway.


DigiByte is a high-performance blockchain that is perfect for everyday transactions. Companies can take DGB payments using NOWPayments.

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