Gotowebinar Review – A Look At The Live Meeting Platform From Zoho

Gotowebinar is a leading web seminar and training platform. Started in 2021, GoToWebinar has been used by tens of thousands of users to host hundreds of live webinars each month. Many of these users have remained with the program because of its simplicity. In this Gotowebinar review, you will learn how GoToWebinar continues to evolve as an Internet marketing tool and whether the features are up to date with any of the more advanced browser-based internet seminar tools out there.

GoToWebinar uses an easy to use desktop application for conducting online seminars. The desktop application offers basic functionality similar to that of Adobe Flash but with a focus on ease of use. With a simple setup, all you need to do is click on the Gotowebinar icon, select a location, and then let the event begins. It’s as easy as that! And since it is based on simple, straightforward technology, most of the technical issues discussed in this Gotowebinar review can be easily overcome without technical help. There are also some very good value add features that the desktop application provides.

The first thing that most potential attendees are going to see is the graphic representation of a real time video conferencing session. GoToWebinar makes good use of visual content to visually display participants and their location at the conference site. For those who are attending the webinar from outside the US, a map and a view of the country the conference participants are in is also provided. These elements make gotowebinar easy to follow and understand even for non-technical people. Once the conference starts, the channel displays the names and phone numbers of all the participants, making it easy for the audience to locate those who are present at the conference site.

Another aspect that was looked into in this Gotowebinar review is how easy it is to use the screen sharing functional. With its integrated screen sharing feature, Gotowebinar allows the attending members to view a slide show of the entire presentation on one screen. Each participant can see their own copy of it and they can share copies with other attendees through the main display window. No longer will there be the need to go through slides that have been shared elsewhere. This is a major plus for those planning on conducting future gotowebinar events.

When it comes to the pros, one major pro is that it’s free. You don’t have to pay for anything else when using the platform, making it a great option for those new to video conferencing or webinars. You can test out the platform before you buy it and find out exactly how the software works. The Gotowebinar review considers this as one of the pros.

Another pro is that the Gotowebinar app allows for an easy way for the attending attendees to give their feedback. The Gotowebinar platform has built in analytics so that the program can measure many different aspects of attendance. The metrics are tabulated and can provide the business owner with useful information. It can tell the business owner how many people participated in the program, the number of people who participated but did not sign up, and the average time that each attendee spent on the program. Using the statistics the Gotowebinar review found that this application provides businesses with valuable data that allows them to make changes to their marketing strategies.

The only drawback of the Gotowebinar review found was that it did not mention the number of downloads that the application received. If it had more than one million downloads, it would be considered a positive factor because it proves how popular the program really is. A lot of people do not want to download a large file like the one that zoho provides because they might end up slowing down the computer. There are other options to download from the web; some of these include apps such as Zuneapp and Firefox Mobile. With that said, the Gotowebinar application is still a great option because it does not use up too much computer space.

Overall, the Gotowebinar Review finds that Zoho Live Meeting is a great tool for those who need to communicate with their staff or customers. Some of the pros of this platform are that it is free and has a very simple set of instructions. The interface is fairly clean and simple, which makes it easy to learn. The one complaint that was listed with the application was that there were not enough screen shots and that there could be more customization. With that being said, these problems may not be present anymore because the newest version of Gotowebinar now provides screen shots. With these few cons, the Gotowebinar review concludes that this application is still a good choice for most businesses.

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