Deriv’s Synthetic Indices Signals

The proprietary synthetics used by Deriv, simulate actual market movements. These indices are available for trading 24/7 and unaffected by regular market hours, global events, market risks, or cryptographically secure random number generators.

Why trade these indices?

  • 24/7 trading, including weekends and public holidays
  • Free from real-world market and liquidity risks
  • Smart and friendly support, 7 days a week from Deriv

About the Deriv’s Synthetic Indices Signals

This is a signal service that comes for free when you enroll in my synthetics indices full course. You can as well get access to these signals separately by paying a monthly fee of $30.

I resumed my signal service in November and the free trial period is over, meaning, you cannot test the signals for free, you will have to subscribe by paying $30 which is refundable within 72 hours or 3 days if you are not happy with the performance. But always remember that there are winning and losing days, so therefore, 3 days might not be enough to fully test and come up with an accurate decision.

How to get access?

Simply WhatsApp me on +260977770202. I accept Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, Mobile money, Crypto, Yellow card, Zazu, and Perfect money.

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