Deriv Ripper Expert Advisor for Currencies & Synthetic Indices

If you are a busy person and have no time to trade or you have not yet mastered the art of managing or controlling your emotions when trading or if you would like to increase your earnings, then this expert Advisor is for you.


1. You control all losses and profits by changing the minimum loss of $1, minimum profit of $2 and lot sizes.
2. The largest lot size on v75 is 1, if you set 2 in EA, the EA wont work. and if you set 0.2 lot size and u have $20 in your account, it won’t work.
this applies to v50 too, where the minimum lot size is 3. and if you enter 0.2 in EA, the EA wont work.

3. Version 2.0 of this EA, works independently alone, you don’t need to purchase additional indicators.

4. It works on MT5 only.


– You are are able to set any lot size
– you are able to change the risk to reward ratio.
plus many more.

How much is it?

It is $49

How to pay for it:

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