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The truth is, it’s nearly impossible to have an accurate spike detector for Boom and Crash indices, even if there was to be one, it wouldn’t work forever. This is why I finally moved away from trying different algorithms and strategies to automate the catching of spikes. Spikes should be caught manually and not automated starting 2024.

What’s new in Deriv ripper 4.0?

Everyone now is trading Boom and craash, step and volatility indices, but what about the rest of indices that Deriv has to offer? such as Drift switch indices, DEX indices, Jump indices, and Range break indices. This year I focused on studying the price structures of these indices and decided to create a robot specifically for RANGE BREAK INDICES.

What are Range break indices?

According to Deriv, these indices fluctuate between two price points (borders), occasionally breaking through the borders to create a new range on average once every 100 or 200 times that they hit the borders. Just look at the price structure below.

What is a Range?

A range is typically defined by two price levels – a support level and a resistance level. The support level is the lower boundary of the range, representing a price point at which the currency pair tends to find buying interest and bounce higher. The resistance level is the upper boundary of the range, representing a price point at which the currency pair tends to encounter selling pressure and move lower. To learn more about this, consider enrolling in my forex course.

Why trade range breakouts?

Well it’s easier to draw ranges, you simply draw support and resistance lines and wait for price to breakout and optionally wait for a retest and you are good to go. But Deriv’s indices called “Range Break 100 and 200” have a lot of ranges and by just looking the chart above, you can clearly seem them without labeling. The thing about breakouts is that you need to have some bit of more money and not having tight stoplosses in order not to be liquidated all the time because of pullbacks.

Introducing Deriv Ripper version 4.

Deriv ripper was mainly created to be an all in one indicator for trading all Deriv’s indices, it has tried it’s best but it was not perfect. This is why I decided to study one index and perfect the strategy for more than 6 months to come up with this EA. This new EA only trades and work best with Range Breakout indices only.

Features of this new EA

  • Requires a minimum capital of $400 using the minimum lot size of 0.2
  • It is not a scalper, it’s an intra-day robot, so hosting the robot on a VPS will show good results, contact me for this service.
  • It comes with full installation instructions as videos and free installation via teamviewer incase you run into problems.
  • If you had bought version 1, 2, or 3 of this EA, you can get this one at a discount of 70%.


Is there a free trial? No

Is there a refund? No

Why is it expensive? why not the usual price of $39? Well, it’s because this EA requires capital minimum of $400 for good results, therefore I don’t want it to be affordable by everyone who is going to deposit $10 and lose it and start complaining.

How to get this new version

If you not are a first time buyer ( Never bought version 1, 2 and 3). The price is $100

If you had bought any previous version, you get 70% off, so you pay $30.

Currently there is a promotion running till 25th October where as a first time buyer, you get 50% discount.

Payment methods accepted:

  • Crypto – Bitcoin, USDT and so on
  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Perfect money
  • Airtel money

How to download/buy

There are a lot of fake pages on Facebook and Telegram in my name, therefore, I prefer being contacted on WhasApp at +260977770202 or email me

Deriv ripper EA 4.0 performance

The video is 35minutes long.

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