Comparison Between Nexcess VS WP Engine

Which is better, WordPress or Neat? That is a very good question. This is because of the many different advantages of each service, which we will discuss later on in this article. To test the performance of both services, first began with the average web server response speed, which both services had an excellent average web server response speed of 374ms, while WP Engine had a faster average web server response speed of 473ms.

Then we looked at the security and functionality of each of the software. The two software are very similar in that they both offer secure online storage and blogging. However, excess dedicated servers offered a number of extra benefits. One of them is the ability to use FTP access from anywhere in the world.

Also, excess offers its users various other features, which are not found in WP Engine. One example is the fact that it has a number of carefully tuned and optimized internal components and scripts, which are necessary for fully optimizing the website, including, but not limited to, optimizing the internal linking structure of each page. Another important feature that is only available in a dedicated version of excess is the content delivery reliability (CDR) monitoring. With the help of this feature, webmasters can easily determine how fast the different pages are downloaded by their visitors.

But, if you really want to compare and contrast both products side by side, then it is very important to know what each product can do for your online business. Let us start by evaluating the functionality of each of these web hosting solutions. When it comes to the functional aspects, both WP Engine and excess have numerous strong points. These include but are not limited to:

One of the strong points of excess is that it includes a fully featured ecommerce platform. It also provides users with a fully featured customer support system and a premium ecommerce template engine. Furthermore, it is offering a large storage space with a built-in, magento theme. With these features, you can also expect to enjoy a professional ecommerce website that will increase your online presence dramatically.

Although, the features offered by an engine are similar to those offered by Nexcess, they differ when it comes to the operational aspect. They both offer premium hosting plans at very affordable rates. The only difference is that the former does not have any free version of its software while the latter offers the facility of free trials for its software. Both websites offer you the facility of unlimited daily backups and an easy-to-use control panel. However, the former’s storage space remains to be superior as it offers over 50% more storage space than the latter’s web hosting plan.

Nexcess VS WP Engine: When it comes to the operational aspect of the website, both the website provide similar features. However, some differences can be observed in terms of the extent of customization options available. The former allows you to customize your homepage using its custom template editor while the latter does not. You can also find a larger number of themes for both the platforms. This, however, may not be of any use to some users.

The final area that you need to consider is the customer support provided by the website. Both the website offers excellent customer support and there is no difference when it comes to the quality of customer service. However, the quality of support offered by the site may be affected by the speed at which the customer is served. When it comes to the price, both websites are similar in price. Nexcess VS WP Engine has slightly higher price at $8 a month but the customer support offered is good on both sites. This gives an advantage to those looking for managed web hosting services at low cost.

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