Comparing Cloudinary Vs Imgix Vs ImageKit Vs Optimole – Which one is best for Image Optimization?



With so many image hosting services available on the web these days, one would wonder which is the superior program to use. For those just getting started with an online photo album, they probably have little clue which service to choose. This article aims to provide a simple comparison between two of the most popular services on the web. The conclusion you draw from this comparison depends entirely on your needs. Obviously cloud services have their pros and cons, so no matter what your immediate needs are, you should choose a web service based on your needs.

Cloudinary vs mix vs ImageKit vs Optimole Comparison – Imagekit has several limitations compared to Cloudinary. The biggest limitation is that it limits the number of files that can be stored on the client side. Also, it does not have the capability to compress images and the master image is not always retrievable. On the other hand, Imagekit limits the number of uploaded images by a cap to 2,000.

The biggest advantages of these two services are that they offer the ability to upload unlimited jpeg images and can be used on all major browsers. It also allows for easy customization of the interface. There are many more benefits including the ability to manage the website and test jpeg images. The test jpeg image feature allows for transferring a selected picture to a different folder. You can also copy the entire picture.

What sets these image hosting services apart is that each service offers a different method for uploading and storing images. They offer two methods: Non-technical plugin and technical plugin. The Non-technical plugin is a very simple script that you need to install. It uploads your jpeg image and displays it in the browser window. The technical plugin has a much more extensive utility. It allows you to compress images as well as to change the extension of the images.

The main differences between the two services are the set up and cost. With the technical hosting option, you need to make use of a third party developer. The costs of using the technical option is considerably higher than that of the non-technical option. On the other hand, Imagekit and Cloudinary allow you to store images via the standard Photoshop functions. The only difference between the two services is that with the latter, you need to sign-up for an account and pay an annual fee.

Another important difference is the key features available in the two services. While both are web-based, Imagekit offers better functionality such as high-quality images, editing tools, thumbnailing, image collage and a lot more. The cost is comparatively higher with the former, but the key features offered by the latter come free of cost. The greatest advantage of the former service is that you can store and share photos on the internet.

There are many aspects that need to be considered when choosing the service for best overall optimization results. One aspect is the compression speed. The service must be able to deliver the desired result as quickly as possible. It is very important to choose a service that can provide high quality JPEG images and provide fast compression speed. You should also check the usability of the software and the number of features it provides.

The final deciding factor is the number of tools converted. Some of the tools converted include: resize, edit, deskew, compress, and crop. Some tools converted include: rotate, blur, turn black/white, color, sepia, grayscale, RGB conversion and hueset. There are more to choose from in the web. Thus, you must compare each of these tools and the services they offer to determine which service is better for best optimization result.

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