How to reduce losses and increase profits catching spikes

Learn How to reduce losses and increase profits catching spikes on Boom 1000 and Crash 1000 by buying my new book. The book is only 6 pages long and explained in simple terms and easy to follow and understand.

Why do you have to pay for this?, well, I like and prefer sharing knowledge and other stuff that can help people for free. But other people will still abuse and sell the stuff they got for free and I earn nothing. I know some people personally who are making 20X than what I make because of what I share, the tools, knowledge etc.

So by buying this book, you will actually support me to continue what I do.

How will this book help you?

The book will show you how you can minimize losses and increase profits even if the indicator is repainting.

How to buy

I receive a lot of messages per day, so if you are interested, make payment and then inbox me your screenshot and will send it to you.

PayPal : ($15)

Skrill: ($15)

Bitcoin: 3CXk4hQjf5J2bMXg2f8k7gcs3vUCNgMEyL ($20)

Mobile money ZMW 250 : 0977770202 (Keith Mvula)

Above are the payment methods am accepting. Make the payment and send a screenshot on Whatsapp to +2609777770202.

If you are not on WhatsApp, then use Telegram. @keithzm


By buying this book and using the Kaza Spike Detector does not guarantee you of not making losses if you have never traded Boom and Crash before. Before going to real account, practice with demo by first reducing the demo money into an amount you would deposit and put everything into test. Once you are happy with the results, you can now move to real account. After buying and you are stuck, feel free to contact me personally. To prevent people from downloading this book for free by requesting a refund after downloading, no refunds shall be given. This is a digital book. If it is not worthy your $15, consider not getting it.

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