Boom and Crash Trading Signals – Make $300 monthly

Get access to my premium Telegram channel for Boom 1000 and Crash 1000 trading signals that will help you make between $100 and $300 monthly profits with an account having low funds as low as $60 or $10. Pls note that the image above is for illustration purposes.

Finding entry points and exit points in Boom and Crash indices that results in good profits can be hard at times if you are trading using an account with low funds.

This is why I have decided to start offering signals aimed at helping especially those with accounts with less than $100 funds. With my signals, we will be catching both single and multiple spikes per trade and will not be trading against spikes and drops.

What to know about my Boom and Crash Signals

  1. Time frames to be used will be 1M and 15M.
  2. Lot sizes to be used will be the lowest which is 0.20. For lot sizes to use trading Boom and Crash, refer to this video
  3. You will be told when to enter and exit. You will also be given the stop loss level. But if you know what you are doing, you are free to change any of the above.
  4. Everything will be transparent. Weekly full performance reports of total signals both profits and losses will be made public so that other people can be able to take a look and make the better decision whether to join or not.

What to expect from my signals

  1. I only trade for a few hours in the morning from 7 (GMT +2) to about lunchtime 12 or 13hours.
  2. So expect signals from morning to about lunchtime only.

21 Nov update

Sending signals from 07 AM (GMT +2) TO 11 AM of about 1 to 4 signals has not been efficient as expected because all of my premium members are from different countries, some actually have to wake up in the night to catch the signals.

And because of this same time difference, many have interested people have decided not to join.

But as of today 21st Nov 2021, will not only be sending signals in the morning but throughout the entire day. So depending on your time, if you miss morning signals, you catch afternoon and evening signals and vice versa

What will we be trading?

Only synthetic indices from DERIV FOREX BROKER will be traded. These are:

  1. Boom 1000
  2. Crash 1000
  3. Boom 500
  4. and Crash 500


This is when am beginning to start offering signals. So I encourage you to join now while the fee is very small. As time passes by as my performance starts getting even better, will increase.

The pricing is $30 per month.

my signals come with a 7day money-back guarantee

Instead of offering free signals or free trials, I would like to offer my services to serious people who are capable of investing.

I would have been offering my signals for free in my channel, but people don’t take free things seriously. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about as I am offering a 7 days money-back guarantee.

This means that, within 7 days, for whatever reason you have, you are free to contact me to request a refund and you shall be removed from the premium channel. But you can come back again at any time.

Our Daily Goals

Having a goal is important. Will start trading using an account having $60. Our daily goal will be to be making between $5 and $15 per day.

Which is about $300 profit per month. Which is very good.

When will I start offering signals?

I will start offering on 26th October 2021.

How to pay for Boom and Crash signals

Please note that Bitcoin transactions cannot be refunded.


Boom and Crash 1000/500 Signals – Money Made in 5 days (Advert)

Boom and Crash 1000/500 Signals – Money Made in 5 days (Advert)

If you bought something from me like a service or my EA, you qualify to join my signals channel for free for a month. 

Lastly, after paying, just send me your email used or screenshot to my email: Or on Telegram by clicking here. (@keithzm).

Please note that I am not forcing or convincing anyone to join my signals group. Consider this as me doing you a favor not you doing me a favor. Even when I have said that you can request a refund and you still have trust issues, don’t waste my time by contacting me.

LASTLY… trading indices is the fastest way to make money and lose too. Make sure you trade with what you can afford to lose. In my case, am willing to lose an entire $60.

14 thoughts on “Boom and Crash Trading Signals – Make $300 monthly”

  1. How will the boom and crash signals delivered? Will it not late before executing it since you are using 1Minute time frame?

  2. I’m interested, but the problem is your time zone. When it’s 7 a.m. for you dawn begins for me. How unfortunate !! I would have liked to enter to buy your signals .. Greetings!

  3. I live in Canada !!! what broker can I use as a Canadian?? I had been looking for a broker in order to play synthetic as Boom and crash and most of them they have restrictions with Canada . Any recommendations ????


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