Boom 1000 & Crash 1000 Expert Advisor (EA/ROBOT) Free Trial

Download Boom 1000 & Crash 1000 Expert Advisor (EA/ROBOT) Free Trial for free. My EA for Boom and Crash is now available for download and testing. I myself I, I already tested it for almost a week in both demo account and real account and the results were good. But I didn’t post how much it made because that is what most developers do… and when you buy their bots, they don’t deliver the same results.

This is why I am offering this trial version for free to give you a chance to test it yourself.

How does this EA work? and why did I create it?

I already wrote a post on this. Click here to read it.

Boom 1000 & Crash 1000 Expert Advisor (EA/ROBOT) Free Download


Click on download above. Also consider joining the email list to receive updates. If you are a member in my email list, then the download link has already been sent to you, simply check your inbox. If you are not yet a subscriber, simply fill the form below with your names and email address and it will be sent to you.

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How to install and configure this Boom and Crash EA

If you have never watched a long YouTube video till the end, then you should watch this now. Watch it till the end if you do not wanna blow your account, most important tips are at the end. The video is 22 minutes. Click here to watch it.

When to use the EA?

The EA performs better in the morning from 07 to about lunch time 12:00 (GMT+2). But you can use it at any time, but if you have deposited less than $100, I wouldn’t use it at any time. This is to avoid frequent unnecessary spikes that happens.

What are the default settings?

use these settings below for accounts having less than $50. Remember to not be greedy.

When will the trial expire

It might expire on 9th October, or may decide to not make it expire.

Please do me a favour

Based on how it will perform, I might release a new version. Within 7 days, feel free to contact me with it’s performance on how it worked for you.

You can contact me on Telegram @keithzm

Or you can post results in my telegram group @fxkeith Remember to also join my telegram channel.

Or you can email me

To send performance report, do this…

send the following:

  • lot size used
  • how much deposited /Real or demo
  • risk amount
  • risk percentage
  • minimum profit
  • how long it traded.

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