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Learn everything you need to know if you plan to start blogging using is one of the many options for bloggers looking for free blogging software. This website can be found at the following URL: Registered users of can create and publish their own blogs for free. The website also includes templates for bloggers to use in creating their blogs, as well as the ability for bloggers to easily place Google advertisements on their blogs, as well as the coordination of an AdSense account for users to potentially profit from their blogs. The history of Blogger, as well as the terms of service, will be discussed in this article.’s Background

Blogger was founded in 1999 by a small group of San Francisco-based friends who ran a company called Pyra Labs. Despite the fact that these friends did not intend to create a blogging network, Blogger was born as a result of their efforts. Bloggers were created by three friends who worked as programmers for others in order to fund their own projects. As previously stated, a blog network was not their initial goal, but the friends were intrigued by the concept as it developed and discovered that others were as well as their concept quickly took off, with new members joining every day. They faced setbacks, as did the majority of Internet entrepreneurs at the time, but they persevered.

Blogger was doing well in 2002 when Google expressed interest in purchasing Pyra Labs, which came as a surprise. The members of Pyra Lab sold their company, allowing Google to take over the operation, because Google was interested in the upswing in the blogging community. Since Google’s takeover, the company has introduced the concept of AdSense advertising campaigns on blogs, which have been profitable for both Google and bloggers. Blogger not only provides members with templates for creating blogs and expressing themselves on the Internet, but it also makes the process of placing AdSense advertisements on blogs much easier.

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Although Blogger’s Terms of Service are subject to change, there are a few basic terms that users can expect to see. The Blogger Terms of Service explains items like the services offered, proper use of the services, privacy policies, intellectual property rights, termination reasons, and information about the website’s legal jurisdiction. Before becoming a member of Blogger, members should read these policies carefully to ensure that they understand and agree to all of the terms. If a potential member has any questions about the meaning of one or more of the terms, he should contact Blogger for clarification.

Members of Blogger should be aware that the Terms of Service are subject to change, and they should review them on a regular basis to ensure that no changes have been made that will have a negative impact on them.

Members of Blogger should pay special attention to the section of the Terms of Service that outlines the reasons for a member’s account being terminated. This information is crucial because it will aid in preventing the member from performing an action that could result in his account being terminated or suspended by mistake. Blogger is not required to notify members of infractions before suspending their accounts, so a member’s account will likely be suspended before he even realizes he has broken the Terms of Service agreement.

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  • Popular. More than 35% websites in the world were created with Blogger.
  • Easy to Work. You have no experience with codes?
  • Mobile Responsive. Blogger supported built-in mobile interface long time ago.
  • SEO Friendly. Don’t need to suspect about this.
  • Very Fast.
  • Stable Services.
  • Reliable System.
  • Making Money option

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