Are synthetic indices manipulated on Deriv?

can synthetic indices such as volatility indices and Boom/Crash be manipulated by Deriv? Before deciding on trading strategies for synthetic indices, you must first comprehend why you would trade synthetic indices in the first place. When compared to traditional indices and currency pairs, trading synthetic indices has a number of advantages.

Synthetic indices have a small spread and a lot of leverage. Furthermore, there is no danger of falling into a negative balance. As a result, if things don’t go as planned, your losses will be limited. When trading synthetic indices, you also gain a lot of flexibility. Depending on your risk appetite, you can choose from a variety of synthetic markets with high or low risk characteristics such as Boom and Crash, volatility indices and step indices.

Does manipulate synthetic indices?

According to Deriv, there is no danger of falling into a negative balance. To begin trading synthetic indices, you don’t need a lot of money. They’re also free of the risks of liquidity and real-world markets. They can’t be fixed or manipulated thanks to robust cryptography and auditing measures they have implemented.

Do forex brokers really manipulate or they are just excuses by losing forex traders?

The forex market is not a centralized one. Because all brokers get their feeds from the NYSE, stocks traded on the NYSE will always show the same price no matter which broker you use. You trade forex through your broker, and each broker may quote a slightly different price – imagine if Microsoft was traded on multiple stock exchanges rather than just the NASDAQ. Because each exchange would receive different orders, each exchange’s price would be slightly different.

Forex brokers?

Because forex brokers and banks arbitrage each other all the time, the prices are all very close but not exact.

Stop runs are used to clear out areas with large groups of orders (not just one user). Brokers and banks are unconcerned about a single customer’s order. They will, however, target areas with thousands of orders piled up.


Deriv/Binary seems to be the only broker providing synthetic indices to its customers, therefore you cannot compare with any other broker if it does manipulate. According to me, I don’t think it manipulates. Are you making too much losses trading Indices? try trading using my Kaza spike detector. What do you think about this? does it manipulate? yes or no? feel free to comment.

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