A RecordCast Review to Help You Make an Informed Choice

If you are looking for a free online tool that can automate the recording process then you have come to the right place. I have been a fan of LiveCycle for years, and am always on the look out for new tools to help me make my videos more entertaining and informative. Recently, I saw a commercial for a program that uses RecordCast as their primary recording application. The commercial caught my attention because it was created by the same guys who created LiveCycle. I quickly scanned their website to find out if there were any other cool applications or screen recording software that they were offering.

The next step in my research was to find out what type of recording program they were offering. Based on the free online screen capture video I saw on their site, they are offering the following three programs: Recordcast Pro, Recordcast HD and Free microphone. Of course I knew this already but I wanted to have a chance to see if each one of these would meet my needs before deciding on one. It seems that most people like to have a combination of the three since it keeps them open minded and allows them to save money on recording time.

As soon as I finished my Recordcast review I started to search for LiveCycle and decided to go straight to their homepage. On their homepage you will notice that the Recordcast system is offered as a download. I downloaded it immediately and installed it on my computer. After installation I was able to launch it straight away. I found that the screen recorder had the same interface and user interface as the free online screen recorder so I continued on with my research.

The next section of my Recordcast review explained that the LiveCycle screen recorder does not have an audio input. I already knew that since I wanted to record audio with my video I would need to use another application. So I went on to explore their other applications and found that they also had an audio recorder option. The audio source worked quite well. I just loaded my audio into the screen recorder and began my research once again.

I went back to the homepage and began exploring the other applications that LiveCycle offers including their browser tab. Again I was quite pleased with their selection of browser tabs, this time a tab for Google Docs which let me quickly create documents right from my desktop. After I finished my research, I installed the tab and began using it. I was quite impressed with the functionality and convenience of the tabs.

After completing my research, I decided that I wanted to use the Google Docs application instead of LiveCycle. Since Livecycle only offers a basic online screen recorder that doesn’t have a lot of features, I felt that I didn’t need a video editing program in my attempt to get high-quality video recordings. After making my decision I downloaded the application, installed it and started recording my online projects.

As soon as I completed recording the project I transferred the footage onto my computer and began editing it. I was impressed with the final product, the quality of the video editing and the editing tools incorporated into the software. After finishing up with my research project, I downloaded the screen recorder to use as a reference while editing. Once finished, I opened up the screen recorder to play back my recording. I found that the video recording was smooth and very professional.

Based on my experience with LiveCycle and the screen recorder that I purchased, I would recommend that you purchase the recordcast software. This program will save you time and money, it’s a great online screen recorder! If you’re interested in conducting your own research then you may also want to check out a blog I’ve created detailing my experience with LiveCycle. If you’d like to learn more about how to conduct online video editing projects then you may also want to visit my blog.

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