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Hi there, before you subscribe to my YouTube channel, please read what I have written on this page so that you know and understand what my YouTube channel is all about.

Who am I?

I am Keith from Lusaka Zambia in Africa. I am a freelancer in web design, optimization and marketing. I am also a content creator, I write posts on my blog and make videos too on my YouTube channel. Learn more about me here. If you would like to contact me, learn how to contact me from here.

Why did I create my YouTube channel?

To be honest with you, I created my YouTube channel to drive traffic to this website, you are going to notice that, some of my old YouTube videos are computer generated and I didn’t seat in front of a camera. I never had any plans of becoming a YouTuber but people seemed to like my content started subscribing to my channel and asking me to make more content. After this, I decided to become a YouTuber although I am still shy facing the camera and talking. I even made my 2000+ subscribers face reveal where I recorded a video of myself. Watch it here or below. But don’t worry, have been practicing and I am getting better day by day.

Keith Rainz face reveal

What is my channel all about?

My channel is all about making money online, forex trading, tutorials and vlogs. I have a money making playlist with over 50 videos to help you make money, check it out here. I also have a forex trading playlist with videos from what is forex, to complex strategies, learn forex from scratch by clicking here. Vlogs are any videos that like travel videos or any videos about me not really educational. Vlogs are meant for you to understand how it is in my life.

Why should you subscribe to my YouTube channel?

I am now saving up more money to upgrade my laptop, buy a camera, buy a mic and everything else needed to build a YouTube studio so that I can be making high quality videos with good sound and background. I am also dedicating myself and my time to start sharing all the knowledge I have for free. My aim is to at least upload upto 5 times per week weather I am recording myself or anyway possible. So you should definitely subscribe to my YouTube channel.

My goal is to help Zambian and Africa at world make use of the internet to make money than to rely on jobs. Many people go to university just to get a degree and get employed and complain at the end of the day. But when you subscribe to my YouTube channel. I am going to teach you how to become your own boss and make money even when you are sleeping just like me. I have a lot of content ideas. But I am not going to be making videos about solutions I don’t even use, I am going to show you the exact things I do to make money with proof. Most YouTubers post videos even fake ones which don’t work just for views, as for me, I want to be different. So subscribe now.

How to subscribe to my YouTube channel

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If you get to have questions, feel free to comment on my YouTube videos, I read and reply to all comments. And please to be notified fast when I upload a YouTube video, make sure that you click on the notification bell. You should also consider joining my free email list here. I will be emailing you of new posts, videos, offers and giveaways. If you would like to partner with me, feel free to contact me.

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