YouTube subscribers are dead, 2021 New YouTube Algorithm Updates and Changes

According to YouTube’s recent updates, your subscribers now mean nothing and that you should now focus on creating content than getting subscribers. Here is why.

Why you should focus on creating content than getting subscribers in 2021

  1. Only about 5 to 40% of views come from your subscribers. Meaning, the rest of views come from those who are not subscribed to you and those with no google accounts or those who watch your YouTube videos from other platforms. you can check this in your analytics.
  2. YouTube has made some changes to how your subscribers find and watch your content. This is because YouTube is a business and YouTube wants as many people as possible to spend time on YouTube. According to YouTube’s recent updates,
  3. If your subscribers don’t watch your videos, YouTube will not likely show them your new videos.
  4. When YouTube shows your videos to your subscribers when they open the YouTube app or on YouTube home page and the majority don’t click on them and watch, YouTube will not likely show it to more people because it will indicate that it is not worthy for YouTube to promote it because of the low CTR. 
  5. If you like a video of someone’s channel you are not subscribed to, YouTube will show you more videos from the same creator even if you are not subscribed.
  6. If you watch the videos to the fullest like 2 or more from someone you are not subscribed to, YouTube may show you more videos from the same creator and when you again click on them and watch, then BOOM, YouTube will start showing them to you every day.
  7. Having many subscribers who can’t watch your videos affects your channel very bad if you don’t know because when YouTube shows your video to your subscribers and they don’t click and watch, YouTube will assume it’s not worth promoting or showing it to more on YouTube. So it is better to have few real followers.

Conclusion + Other free YouTube tips in 2021

  1. Create a Facebook chat group, email list or WhatsApp group or telegram group for your subscribers where you can be sharing your video links and advise them to be liking and commenting. If your subscribers show engagement to your videos within 24 hours, YouTube will promote it to more people.
  2. Stop asking or forcing people to subscribe to your youtube channel at the first in the video. Don’t show people that you are desperate for subscribers but rather ask at the end of the video to subscribe. Now, Keith, not all people watch videos till the end of the video. Well, if someone watches your video till the end, it means it’s interesting and likes it or it’s helpful and someone can’t refuse to subscribe because the content is good for him or her to watch till the end. it’s better to lose subscribers than having fake subscribers who were forced to subscribe. (am working on this too)
  3. Have been analysing most of the Zambian YouTuber’s videos secretly and have noticed something, many ask for people to subscribe without telling them what their channel is all about and what they should expect when they subscribe. So when asking people to subscribe, tell them what your channel is all about and what they should expect.
  4.  Avoid using long YouTube intros, as for me, I create the tutorial type of videos and people don’t usually have time, all they want is to watch and know the solution. (sorry to say, but most of the Zambian YouTuber’s intros are long and boring. An intro video should not feel like a YouTube advert that people wanna skip. Make it interesting and funny. Most of the Zambian YouTuber’s intros, They make me wanna leave the video before it even starts. This is why I am reducing on using Intros in some of my videos, I just go directly to what people want to watch.
  5. Lastly, you need to show YouTube that your content is good. this can be achieved if most people are watching your videos till the end. I have a trick which has helped me to make people watch my longest videos till the end. I usually tell them that if they watch till the end, they will learn this and that or get this and that. Try it.

7. Again lastly, please stop wasting people’s time. In your videos, go directly to what your video is all about, don’t start talking about non-related useless things about your personal stuff, life, other people or things your viewers should not hear or watch or not interested.

This is all I had for today, if you enjoyed and learn’t something from this article, share, share it to your friends. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel here

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