WP Compress Review – A Comprehensive Looks Into This Amazing WordPress Plugin



As per popular demand, we thought it is time for a WP Compress review. What is this thing? Is it a new thing? Well, it is not really a new thing, but the features it provides have made it a much desired program among web developers. So, what is this all about?

As mentioned, the purpose of the WP Compress plugin lies in optimizing the images contained on your WordPress site so as to enhance page loading time. This is achieved by minimizing the size of files and compressions, while preserving the quality of images as well. The plugin has the ability to compress images with multiple image formats like JPEG and PNG. Among these, JPEG is the most used format to optimize images on the internet and this is why it is used extensively by designers and webmasters across the globe. However, here are its key features that help you optimize all your existing images on the WP blog platform in several ways:

Consolidated File Names: Since we know that WordPress is a CMS, it supports flexible WordPress file naming scheme. However, if the file-size gets too big then you end up with a lot of problems. You face an inability to open or edit the said file, as well as whole page freezing when you try to open a huge file. Well, the WP compressor plugin has the feature of consolidated file name which ensures that the file name is much smaller, which results in increased page loading speed and much bigger file sizes.

Quality Management: It offers you a very useful WP compressor feature of managing your image quality. One of the most common problems faced by novice photographers is the image quality of large JPEG files. Sometimes, the images look so bad that it ruins the entire picture taking experience! Well, this is not the case anymore with WordPress now thanks to its new Lense plugin. With this unique feature, you can ensure that your image quality is superb, thanks to the seamless transition between low and high definition.

Advanced Search Optimization: It helps you optimize your current images and make them SEO friendly. You can create a list of keywords or phrases and the plugin will automatically select the best one for you. Also, it offers a wide range of SEO optimization options which include: optimizing image list, creating PDF, HTML, Video and RSS links and much more. In fact, you can also use the same plugin for all your existing images, which gives better optimization results. This WordPress plugin is super easy to install and understand, which further makes it a must for every online photographer to have.

Image Quality: For professional photographers, image quality is very important. So, they definitely need to have the best tool in their disposal to ensure that their images are well taken and presentable. The WP Compress plugin has the ability to compress your pictures in a way that is compatible with both the quality settings of your default settings and your image optimization settings. Moreover, once you are able to switch between the two, you get the ultimate flexibility for your purpose.

Minimal file sizes: Your images are always going to be large in size, especially if they are pre-optimized images. However, there are always a number of ways in which you can minimize their file sizes. One way is by optimizing them with the WP compressor, which is available in the default settings. However, there are a number of other easy and practical methods too, that you can opt for to reduce file sizes even further.

WP Compress Review: There is actually quite a lot of information about this amazing WordPress plugin online, which is why we have decided to compile all the important aspects of this plugin in this article. WP Compress has the ability to optimize your images without losing their quality and graphics details, which will help your visitors tremendously when they are planning on downloading them. Moreover, as we said in the beginning of the article, the plugin will allow you to switch between the two compression types, which is great news for those who need to optimize images for certain purposes and may not be able to do so with the standard compression settings. Apart from the above mentioned features, it also allows you to store a variety of different types of meta tags, which are also helpful for optimizing your image further. With such a great and very useful plugin in your hands, you do not have to wait for others to invent a better solution to your compression woes.

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