An Instapage Review – Is It Really A Better Alternative To A Page Editor?

When I first heard of Instapage, I wasn’t sure what it was. I then went into Google and tried to find out more about this product. Was it a scam or legitimate business opportunity? Instapage Review is a landing page builder tool that is available for both Internet and Mobile users. In this Instapage Review, we are going to look at exactly what this product can do for you and why it may be the solution you have been looking for.

There are a couple different ways to use Instapage: You can either sign up for a free trial using their website, or you can purchase a membership that will allow you unlimited downloads over the web. The only way I really see a disadvantage is with the website itself. It does not have a social media integration, which means that you have to manually add your social media profiles. This is the main drawback as far as I can see.

The other great thing about Instapage is that you can set it up as a completely personal website with all your social media accounts already integrated. This is great for those who aren’t social media experts but still want to take advantage of the personalization. You can customize your website completely with a variety of different templates. These include everything from personalization and collaboration to blogging and more. And the best part is, they are all completely customizable so you can create the perfect website for you.

So how does Instapage stack up to other landing page builder tools available? For me, I like the way that you can customize each individual page with customizable templates and the analytics integration. With these two great features, I can save a significant amount of time when developing websites. In addition to that, I can also easily track my performance in the Google Analytics account which I utilize quite frequently. If there is something that I am not integrating with my website, I can quickly make changes and have them automatically applied.

I also really like the customization and the fact that you can create and publish custom landing pages without having to know any html code at all. Some of the other options you have with other online landing pages include publishing in HTML or as a PDF. However, the customization and how easy it is to publish make Instapage stand out among the competition. Here are a few things I love about the software:

* It’s all-inclusive. While this program does come with a few pre-configured landing pages for you to test out, the real value lies in being able to personalize them for maximum conversions. With over 25 customizable template selections, there are endless ways to spruce up the content on your personal pages. For example, you can change fonts, change headers, change colors, and even add text boxes to get custom interaction with your audience. By configuring your personal pages however you choose, you are truly giving your audience control over the experience on your site.

* There is more to it than just a drag and drop dashboard. You are given total freedom over how you want everything placed and you can even save and re-size the panels as many times as you wish. The drag and drop interface are great, but what makes it so customizable is the customizable widget tool that ships along with the program. This widget engine allows you to really customize your pages by simply adding one simple touch operation.

In conclusion, this page editor looks like it could very well replace the need for complex page editors. The drag and drop dashboard are extremely customizable and give you absolute power over how your pages are presented. There are tons of different skins to choose from and the 200 templates really allow you to customize it to your heart’s content. Overall, I give the Instapage a positive review because of the ease of use, customization, and instant updates. If you have yet to try it out you should take advantage of the free trial today.

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